About Us

Hi, there! I’m Benjamin Gonzalez and welcome to Passion From Scratch.

It’s a pleasure for me and my teamwork to have the opportunity to provide you with the tools to achieve all your dreams and increase the quality of your life to unbelievable ways.

I feel completely committed to doing my best in the process of retributing your trust with high-quality actions that will enhance your motivation and your standards.

Our mission is to share with you proven methods to build your passion in life accomplishing your goals in the process unleashing at the same time, your unlimited potential.

About the Founder

My name is Benjamin Gonzalez and I am a committed man who works every day to accomplish all my goals. I have the clear intention to achieve something that I enjoy to call “my Best Version”, however, I have to recognize that everything didn’t start there.

I think that I am not a special guy so I’ve had the same problems than anyone else could have. Nevertheless, I felt I was not living under my true potential. Definitively I was lost. I could notice that my life was over a negative cycle where I was acting in the same way again, and again, and again… getting the same results (obviously).

I became a victim and I seriously believed that life was in debt with me. After many different situations, I understood that I had two options: be my worst version or my Best Version in life. What does it mean? That we have to decide if we want to achieve all our dreams or keep living the same life without pain and glory.

I complained, blamed, criticized, lied and more. I was far beyond my potential in life.

One day I realized the reality that changed my life. I thought that people were happy when they did something for their lives that they enjoyed so what I was doing in my life? Nothing! I didn’t have a passion. I was lost because I didn’t know where I was and where I wanted to be neither. 

But, what could I do to find my passion? So, I decided the same decision that most people make: “expect for it!”. I was laid over my bed waiting to have a breakthrough while I was thinking and thinking and thinking. 

As you know, it didn’t work really well so I decided something that determined all my life: “I would do everything that I could to find my passion in life”. I knew that was the answer. 

After that real commitment, everything changed. I tried many different things without losing enthusiasm. I made a lot of mistakes but I learned at least what I didn’t want in life. 

Thus, trying new things and doing my best in every task I discovered that my mission and purpose in life is to help people contributing to the world with a deep sense of gratitude. I believe life is a gift. 

And I saw it clearly. If I had suffered during many years because I didn’t know how to create the life I wanted because I hadn’t a passion, why do not use those lessons and help people to overcome their fears and motivate them to follow their dreams?

In this beautiful moment, Passion From Scratch was born! 

Now, I feel the commitment to help you achieve your dreams with valuable information through my blog and the review of many different products that I’ve personally used. You’ll be able to increase the quality of your finances, relationships, spirituality, health, energy, and much more.

Dreams are different but principles are the same.

When you do what you love, everything is good. When you feel everything is good, you connect with you Best Version. And when you connect with you Best Version, you unleash your unlimited potential.

Thanks for arriving at here! It represents that you’re seriously committed to following your passions and your desires in this life.

If you feel that you have any questions, please contact us and let us know so we will be able to help you out.

All the best,

Benjamin Gonzalez

Founder of Passion From Scratch


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