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Tony Robbins is one of the most famous motivational speakers and coaches around the world. This man has impacted the lives of tons of people if not millions with his incredible perception of the things and the reality. This man has read thousands of books and it is considered a genius in the self-development industry.

Awaken The Giant Within Summary is just a short view of one of his diamonds.

I love reading and this book had a powerful effect in my life so I’ll briefly share with you the most important aspects.


Unleash your unlimited potential is one of the concepts that have changed my life. I think it is the reason why I share constantly the idea that we are unique and special and we have the opportunity to contribute to the world with our gifts.

Yeah, I believe that anybody has at least one gift. A gift will be defined as a characteristic that you have developed without practicing it during all your life. Therefore, it can be translated into an activity or skill that is easy for you to do but for other people is not so easy.

For example, one of my gifts in life is that I learn fast. I have the ability to understand concepts really fast and it is a tremendous advantage. Although, if you give an instrument the result is not going to be good enough. It doesn’t mean that I can’t play the guitar or can’t learn to play any instrument. It means that it is not my gift because if I want to do it well I need to practice it, I need to develop that skill.

Anyway, my point here is that Tony expresses clearly this fact in this book because he believes (like me) that everybody has an unlimited potential being held back by fears and negative emotions.

Raise Your Standards

You’ll see this phrase many times in this blog because I am completely committed to emphasize enough you the importance of this action. In this chapter, he encourages us to take responsibility for our actions understanding that our environment has not a direct effect on our quality of life. We have the power to take our own decisions and those decisions are consequences of a series of thoughts that we’ll look at right now.

Decisions will be explained as the main factor that determines the quality of our lives. When we have the power and the experience to decide about our life we are going to make better decisions. However, we need to make bad decisions in the process to develop that experience I’ve just brought up.


Better Questions Or Right Answers?

The author reveals the importance of making empowering questions over the right answers because when you have a good question your brain will easily find a solution. I will give an example of this.

You studied a lot the night before because you had an important test the next day. You took your test and felt that you could answer it really well. After a few days, you receive the grade and it’s awful! A big and black 0 is over your sheet remembering you your total fail. Here your brain begins to ask questions…

You can think something like: “why am I so stupid? What’s wrong with me? Was this test very complicated to me?”. If you answer the first question with something like: “well, maybe I am not good enough to this career or I should work instead of study”, those both can be a right answer for that question but… is it empowering you? I don’t think so!

Prepare your brain to come up with better ideas and questions. In that example, you could ask “will this simple grade determine how I am going to feel about myself the rest of the day? or, if I improve my strategy for my next test, would I do it better?

As you could see, all the answers were good. The differences were in the questions!

Words Higher Than The World

Be careful with the words you use in your daily conversations. Pay total attention to yourself in a meeting with your friends and figure out what are the most common words you use. If in your list are words like “amazing, incredible, awesome, ideas, never give up, go all in, massive action”; you can be relaxed.

Conversely, if your words are more like “upset, disappointment, sorry, poor, difficult, complicated, hard, and more related to that you should be worried!

In this book, we will find some possibilities to change our “Transformational Vocabulary” to achieve high performance in our life. Words have a deep impact on our thoughts and it’s easy to see it. If you spend time with a negative person you’ll finish in the same state of mind, why? Because our mind will associate all the meaning of a known word so listening complains and blaming others you’ll adopt the same pattern.

Clarity, powerful, amazing, smart, potent, delicious, incredible, positive; those are words that I constantly use to share with my friends, my experiences in life. You can use them!

METAPHORmosis or Metamorphosis

Metaphors are tools that our brain uses to connect stored information with new information to compare them and determine an answer. What does it mean? That your answers will be determined by your own interpretations of the fact, not by a pure interpretation of the reality.

For example, what would you answer if I ask you “do you like driving a car?”? You can answer “it is easier than eat a cookie”. Immediately, your brain will recreate the image of you eating a cookie and will analyze if doing that was complicated or not. As you can conclude it is easy so your brain will associate the action to drive a car like something really easy.

So, we have to be careful with our associations and metaphors. If you’re thinking that life is like music on your soul, you’ll enjoy it really well but if you think that it’s a ladder that you have to overcome every morning… the result of your feelings can be a little bit different.

Tony Robbins says that we should become in “metaphor detectives” in order to analyze others metaphors and how we can take advantage of them or not.


Unavailability of References

If we are not living a powerful life, this is our problem.

Empowering ideas and experiences must be pursued! 

References are the information of experiences, memories, dreams, visualizations, ideas, thoughts, patterns and much more that we’ll have stored in our brain. This information is required all the time because our mind is focused on comparing this information with the current facts.

Therefore, when we are looking at something that we believe is the reality it’s not more than a combination of previous knowledge that is going to determine an answer. For this reason, we can’t find “right or wrong answers”, we find empower or disempower answers.

If you have an experience like a teacher your brain will assume that you’re one and it is going to provide you with tools to be one. In fact, your brain will associate information about teachers to give you a consistent series of actions to be congruent with that thought.

What happens when we don’t have references? Our brain assumes that we are not prepared in that area and creates a feeling of fear (it’s trying to protect us from pain). That’s why we are afraid to dream big because our brain has no previous information about big things or big experiences for us and it believes that it is impossible.
Despite this fact, we have the ability to teach our brain that it can do it and that process we change the view of our lives.

Tony has deep knowledge in this area and makes really fun the learning process of it. I learned that when we are 100% (no less) responsible for our decisions and committed enough to live our new standards, our lives change and WHAT A CHANGE!

The Big Deal

Definitively, this book has shaped my life in many positive ways. It’s extremely important to understand that this book has many exercises and if we want to take serious advantage of the information contained here, we need to develop in the process our ability to be self-disciplined. Those exercises are not long or uncomfortable, they are nice and enjoyable but we need to realize that the highest level of commitment should be with ourselves in that search of our Best Version.


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