Brian Tracy Books – What Is The Best Of This Incredible Man?

During many years, Brian Tracy has been a well-known American motivational speaker. He is a leader and a wise man who provides insights about topics like self-development, goals, visualization, public speaking skills, self-confidence and more. This man has been considered one of the pioneers of this industry in the United States and around the world.

Brian Tracy books are mixed with many years of experiences and situations that have shaped the incredible life of this man. He has many powerful courses and training in many areas sharing with the people valuable and helpful information.


Top 3 Brian Tracy Books

It’s a hard task to choose just three books from this man. I think all his books are amazing and they have a big value to the marketplace and to the people. We’re talking about a man who has impacted the lives of millions. I’m on that list, I have to say.

  • Maximum Achievement
  • Goals
  • Eat That Frog!

I will choose three because I certainly can share the effectiveness of these products. I’ve read these books a few months ago and I seriously think that I’ll come back to read them again because I feel they have many things to teach me yet.

Maximum Achievement

This book contains interesting information about the mental laws that are leading our destiny, tools like affirmations and verbalizations, conscious and subconscious mind, and more. He provides a guideline with twelve steps that we should follow to achieve our maximum potential.

I like very much his explanations about the subconscious mind and how it has an effect on our daily behaviors and in the making decisions process.

It doesn’t matter if we are aware of these laws or facts, what matters is that they’re going to act anyway. If we know them, we can take advantage of that.

The inner world and outward world. Concepts that redefined my belief system because I understood that if we want to see a change in our outward world is going to be necessary to work hard our inner world to change it. When we change, everything changes!


I’ve already made a summary of this incredible book so you can find it HERE.

Although, I think I’ll bring it up again because it has had a great impact on my life so I believe that good things should be shared and repeated.

The information on this book is more aligned to the process of creating a new vision of our life and setting up our goals linked with that vision. It’s a book designed to help us how we can determine our current situation, define it, define where we want to be and how to create a map (goals) to achieve that place that we can see.

I love this book because it has some exercises that seriously blew my mind up a couple of times. The magic wand technique will provide new insight into your capabilities and your unlimited potential. This book teaches us to dream, and dream big! This part is extremely important in the search and construction of our passions in life.

Eat That Frog!

If you’re struggling with procrastination or you want to increase your productivity, this book is for you. It’s extremely easy to read and contain 21 tools to apply to overcome the consequences of bad habits like putting off the important things.

The frog will represent that big task that has the highest impact in your life and it is the most desirable to delay. If you feel that you have two really important tasks so you should start eating the biggest one.

Discipline will be determining here because you can’t go to the next task if you have not finished the first one. When we finish a big task we associate it with a great feeling of fulfillment and self-esteem because that task represents our power to overcome hard situations finding solutions efficiently. However, if we don’t finish the tasks it will have an opposite effect creating a deeper sense of procrastination (because we want to avoid the pain to fail or to feel that we “can’t do something”).

Personally, I think the second rule is amazing because it says: “If you have to eat a live frog at all, it doesn’t pay to sit and look at it for very long”. What does it mean? That we need to take massive action immediately. Stop overthinking and start eating that frog right now. Brian appropriately thinks that we have to take action on that task as soon as possible if we want to increase or productivity.

Don’t make excuses or delay! Wake up, define your task and go all in. If you have something fuzzy, don’t worry! The things will gain clarity at the time we work on it.

Concentration also will play a big role in this book. When we are completely focused on achieving a particular thing the results we can accomplish are simply unbelievable. You’ll be astonished about all the things you can achieve in a short period of time if you’re completely committed and focused on a task.

And remember this important detail: we have to do this every day! Yeah, this is not just for the weekend or holidays, this is a new habit that we can develop in order to increase our productivity for a long time.


I really spent a wonderful time reading these books. I believe that these books can be extremely helpful and I’ll add new posts with more information about those books I feel can have an impact in your life.

Definitively when you read a book and you can connect with the author you create a wonderful feeling. I’m talking about that ability we have to connect with another human being even if it is not in front of us. Ideas are the foundation of a better quality of life.

We read, go to seminars, go to mentors because our mind is looking for new ideas to apply to conceive the world in a different way.

As you could see, this is not the biggest review of each one but my intention today is to provide a glance of the amazing effect of these books and how we can take advantage of it just applying some new and different insights.

These powerful books provide that new perception through a well-established experience of the author and deep knowledge about how to increase our productivity and skills achieving more in less time.

Remember that we can make more money but we can’t make more time. Time is gold and more! Be careful how you’re investing your time and if you feel you’re not doing it really well, give a try to one of these books!

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