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As I’ve brought up in other posts, I will talk specifically about one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever seen in the world.

Visualization will be considered as the best entrepreneurial mindset tool that we can find out there. All the human beings around the world have by default integrated this incredible power into their head. Nevertheless, just a few of that amount of people are able to take advantage of it.

When you can see with clarity where you want to be in the future, you’ve gone through over the middle of the path. In those moments where you can apply this technique, you’re feeding your mind with enough power to achieve unbelievable results in short periods of time.

Power Fountain

Visualization is a well-known and popular technique. In spite of that, it’s extremely easy to see people that don’t comprehend very well how it works and they attempt to diminish its power with false comments.

This process will be represented by our mind when we use our imagination to recreate an scene that we want to live in the future. Once you can see where you want to be, you can increase the sense of reality through an intense a vividly attempt to feel the emotions you would feel if you were in that specific situation.

This representation is totally controlled by you. You’re the king/queen in that story. You can add, extract, delete, multiply, do whatever you want because there are no limits in this exercise.


Twins And More

Although this powerful technique has incredible results by itself, it will be much powerful if you combine it with others available and FREE techniques like setting goals, dream pay-check or writing down your Ultimate Vision (Major Definite Purpose, Last Version of Yourself, there are many names for this).

This part is really important so please pay attention to this fact: if you use just this technique, you’ll fail! I emphasize this as much as I can because I’ve seen many people in my life that want the easy mode and it doesn’t work in that way.

Why do you visualize? Because in this process you’ll turn on a cognitive system where your brain starts creating new references for you. Are there benefits? You can bet!

When you create new references your brain begins to develop a different insight to your outward world. Remember that the main responsibility of our brain is to give us consistency and congruence with what it thinks we are, therefore, if we create new references our brain will think that we are different and will give us the tools and the behaviors to become in that person aligned with those thoughts.

No Matter The Size

The good news is that your brain or my brain can’t distinguish a vividly imagined situation to the reality when the visualization is strong enough in terms of feelings. So, the information will be stored into our heads as memories and we can use it in our daily life as a repertory of new ideas. Inevitably, our brain will take information from this store providing us with a new set of skills aligned with those new memories.

What does it mean? It means that our mind will create new labels for us into our heads giving us a new sense of feeling related to the new references. When we feel different, we act different, and we are different. The real power behind this technique is hidden on the simplicity to use it.

It is important to realize that won’t matter what you want, your brain will interpret those recreated situations as memories where it will take information from. If your goal is a wonderful matte gray lamborghini aventador, you can do it and you’ll see the powerful results.

I am not talking about that a lamborghini will appear in front of your house tomorrow or something like that. I’m talking about the power that you’ll feel in the process of achieving this specific goal.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Tony Robbins.

It is necessary to repeat this technique every wonderful day. This is an incredible and powerful technique but it is not going to work if you are not consistent. You can hack your mind but you have to provide it frequently those new references if you want to see tangible results.


If You Believe, It Believes

Once you establish really well your visualization as a habit of your daily bases you’ll start seeing some changes. At the beginning those changes are small. Maybe it is a powerful phrase that you use, or an answer you come up with, or even a new “NO” to that activity that you always did but you know it was stealing your time to do something better.

Your outward world will change as long as your inner world change. Never forget that reality is just a representation that our brain gives us to understand our environment. If you change the way you see the things, the things will turn into something different.

Something Wonderful Takes Time

I know, now you can feel powerful and encouraged because you’ve found an incredible tool to achieve all your dreams. However, hang on!

The complete process is this: you need to set some goals. It doesn’t matter the size, what matters is that you can write it down as specific and clears as you can. Give them a deadline (one month, three months, six months, two years, seven years…). After this, you need to write down a manifesto where you can see yourself with all those goals achieved and already there. How would you feel with that big goal here? Write it down.

You need to create some affirmations, 15 is a good number to start. Those affirmations should be aligned with your vision, your goals, and your manifesto. For example:

Goal: I will easily read 2 books this month empowering my mind and my soul by December 31, 2020. (your deadline).

Manifiesto: I will feel incredible and powerful with the knowledge provided by the books I decide to read every day.

Visualization: you visualize yourself reading those books. What are the colors of those books? How do they smell? Can you feel it over your hands? What are the names? Be specific and clear!

Affirmation: I am an incredible reader because I love all the stories behind them. Or, I am a happy man now I am reading two books per month.

Can you see that? All is connected! Set up some goals and find a way to combine everything. If it is too hard, don’t worry! If you just could connect 10% of the goals you should start with that. Setting up goals won’t be a stagnant process, it is dynamic. Why? Because you change in the way to accomplish your goals so something that today can be extremely important for you, tomorrow can end in the trash because you have better things to pursue.

The Power Doesn’t End Here

The final two steps have the same level of importance than the last.

1. Take Massive Action: work as an insane man/woman in that you’re looking for. If you feel it is not what you love to do, relax! Do your best anyway because even when you learn what you don’t like, you’re moving forward. The answers come while we’re working on our goals, they never appear waiting for them in a couch or on a bed.

Remember, be goal oriented! If you work really hard but you don’t do it in your goals it’s the same that nothing. If you have two jobs, three children and a $60.000 mortgage I can understand that is not going to be easy to find the time to do it but you can! Even 15 minutes per day is an excellent way to start.

2. Be patient: it’s time now to imagine that you are 50 years old. Maybe a little more or less, it doesn’t matter. My point here is that you have many years following determined patterns and are you willing to do it in a week? Come on! Our brain is super-powerful but not so fast.

Apply these techniques taking the first and the last 15 minutes of your day. This time is when your brain has a higher level ability to learn so it’ll have a higher impact in your subconscious mind.



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