Find My Passion Of Life – Top 5 Reasons Why We Are Stuck in Life! REVEALED

How often have we had to face with this phrase again, and again, and again?

There’s plenty evidence that points out that we’ve been asking the wrong questions during a big period time of our lives resulting in the acquisition of equal wrong answers. How can I find my passion of life? Does it sound familiar?

Don’t misunderstand me, please! From my insight there is nothing more important that to have extreme clarity about what we want in our lives. But we don’t find it, we build it!

1. Why the phrase “Find Your Passion” is considered the highest lie in history?

Always it will be easier find than build. If you pay special attention you’ll find that almost the 97% of the world population are focus on finding the revelation, the “called of faith”.

Noooooo, it is not in that way how it works. Believe me, we can find tons of people with these ideas in the graveyard and nobody knows who they were. As once I’ve read: “Do not die with your music still in you”, Wayne Dyer.

Society teaches us to be completely reactive to the situations. We can watch movies, baseball games, go to the pub with some friends, etc: and we are deligthed with those ideas. However, at the same time it says “just relax, receive stimulation and enjoy it”. Do you know the negative impact our brain will receive just waiting for an outward force hits us to start feeling good?

The results are very clear. Our behaviors start understanding that we have to be rewarded with specific situations and just because we are differents, we have to be treat like that.

We are specials, which one who is reading these lines I seriously believe is special but… that’s not enough to become your Best Version!

A Powerful Experience

I’ll tell you a short story I had some years ago. I loved playing soccer when I was 16 years old, it was my passion. Everything in my life was surrounded with this. World Cup, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, LA Galaxy, Atlanta United, etc. They were teams I followed and I hated to miss a game of them because the pleasure I could associate to that activity was consistently high.

As I was felt in love I practiced really hard during many days and many weeks to become a good player and guess what? I did it! Promptly I became in the best player of my team. I was exhilarated because I have been grown a lot in comparison with my peers and after all that sacrifice, it was a delicious reward.

Nonetheless, time after that the things will start changing. Something was not enough enjoyable. Once I improved I could notice I was getting a little bored because I was playing better than my friends, I felt I had nothing else to learn.

To face that feeling of boredoom I decided to get a better team. Fortunately, I got a really good one by the time. In fact, I think that it was the best team I could find in that geographic area.

I was motivated again because I wanted to show to everybody how good I was. At the beginning there was only magic around me, everybody was excited with my performance and my new skills. Although, I felt I was losing some balance.

Suddenly, I created a feeling that “I was better than others”. This specific thought messed up all my progress and all my ambitions. My team players changed. They did not want to give me the ball because they felt that I just was there to make them feel less than me and my trainer started to reproach my attitude because he knew it was having a negative impact with the team.

My arrogance and my ego had won the most important game for my life by the moment (both clear expressions of fear).

The most incredible part of this story is that I really had the thought that I was a victim of their judgements, I felt they were unfair with me and I had to be recognized for my work and my previous sacrifice.

Right there, the revelation appeared, “I was trying to find, instead of focusing on build”.

I loved this experience because definitively changed my life and my perception of the things (of course, years after that and as a consequence of a tremendous pain). We have to understand that the most important desire of a human being are two: gain pleasure and avoid pain. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we like, what we think: our brain is designed exactly to follow this pattern.

2. Importance Of Purpose

Come on! Analyze with me this!

Did you notice when I was happy and when I got stressed or upset?

Yeah. By the time I was working extremely hard to improve my skills I was happy, encouraged, motivated and so on… the reason? I was building myself with hard and smart work. Once I got the results I wanted I stopped my goals. When I stopped my setting goals process I started to focus on receive feedback from my environment instead of within myself.

The consequences were really clear. At the moment I stopped building myself and I started reacting to my environment I achieved my worst version.

I’m telling you this because I love explaining to people facts with vividly experiences, I think our brains can connect much better with the information if we incentive the imagination in the process.


3. Importance Of Clarity

Visualizations, goals, affirmations, purpose, etc. All of them are resources and tools that are designed or availables to help us to clarify our vision for the coming years.

As you could see with my powerful experience, when I had very clear what I wanted, I could visualize it and I could feel it even before to have it, I improved. I was happy and the people around me was feeling exactly the same because they knew I was acting with love.

Use these tools! They are for freeeeeee! There is not any excuse. Create your vision, create the place where you want to be in one year, two, five, ten and so on. Refuse any thought that does not lead you to an extraordinary quality of live.

4. Take Massive Action Now!

The part of the recipe that some people who talks about the Law of Attraction forget to bring up.

Act, and act now! In five minutes it will be extremely late, in a couple of seconds the same. Act now and do your best! If you’re focused in what you want and you work enough, there is any doubt that you will achieve all your dreams.


5. How Do We Solve It?

The first and most important step is to recognized that we are COMPLETELY responsibles of the quality of our life. Once we understand that our decisions and not conditions determine our destiny, we are going to be able to change that quality.

Here is the most relevant aspect of all this post: “take this responsibility, assume this commitment, and it is not a one day decision”.

What does it mean? That we are not going to change just thinking it one day. We have to wake up every beautiful morning with the desire to change our life. When we develop a BURNING DESIRE to achieve something (it doesn’t matter if it looks insane now) is when tour brain starts providing us with the behaviors, ideas and attitudes to accomplish it. It’s when the magic starts!


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