Grant Cardone 10X Rule Review – Take Massive Action

Grant Cardone is a successful entrepreneur and the creator of a new business philosophy called “10 X Rules”. This man is considered an incredible mentor for those who are interested in investments like real state or physical business (increasing sales).

Grant Cardone 10X Rule Review will provide you a new mode to see the world and the capability that is hidden within us to create prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Personally, this book has shaped a big amount of my successful actions and behaviors because it provides a new insight regardless of business and life. Definitively, we are in front of a machine to make money.

When Sun Rises

He has a wonderful story because he completely changed his life after a lot of pain. At the age of 25, he was a drug addicted with $40.000USD in debt. He had lost his father when he was 14 years old so he was broke, addicted, aggressive, and danger for society.

In spite of the pain, he overcame all the difficulties and now is a man with jets and business around the world. Cardone is an example of tenacity and consistency.

What I love more from this guy is the power of his thoughts. He has total clarity about the importance to take massive action in whatever we believe it would be good for us. One of cancer in our current society is the indulgence that we create when we don’t follow our dreams or desires with enough commitment and therefore, enough action.

Don’t be average is one of the most famous Grant Cardone’s quotes. He seriously believes that we have unlimited potential but we are tremendously conditioned to keep it limited for our environment and the ideas we allow to receive into our heads.


Main ideas

For me, this book is power compressed in pages. I’ll provide you the best ideas I took from this incredible book emphasizing that it is not easy to summary all of them. I encourage you to give a glance.

Obscurity is the problem: Cardone explains to us how all the companies around the world have started without enough capital and money. Any company has started running short of resources and just a few have survived.

Nowadays, it is easy to accept the misconception that we need tons of money to start a successful business. Of course money is necessary, it’s a resource that we will use no matter our situation. However, what I’m trying to point out is that it’s not the most important fact at all.

What we need is to be well-known. We need to find customers, create trust, appear on TV and radio, connect with the highest amount of people that we can if we want to succeed.

Fear is the great indicator (chapter 16): I love this chapter. We can see a sensible Cardone when he recognizes that he is afraid some times. What makes a difference is not if he is afraid or not, the difference is he takes massive action even when he is. If you’re afraid you’re in the right direction.
Don’t listen to average people: “it’s so hard, it’s complicated, we can’t do it”. Stop surrounding yourself with people that don’t feel they can and the share that limiting belief with you. If you listen to average people, you’ll be average. Don’t do that!
Nothing change without action!: what we want to achieve in life is not important if we don’t take action. I love tools as setting up goals, visualization, meditation, and more; but if you don’t take action your dreams will be dreams for the rest of your life.
“I don’t know is never the answer”: commit at first, later figure it out. This is extremely important every new business out there. Don’t show to your customer that you don’t know, accept the challenge! After that figure it out or find someone how can do it.
Be obsessed to succeed: desires are not enough. If we want to succeed we need to be obsessed with this fact. Sacrifice leisure time, weekends, parties, social meetings, movies and all that is necessary to succeed. If you’re obsessed you’ll find a way.
The bigger is the problem, bigger is the opportunity: find new and bigger problems. Grant defines that all the people have problems including the rich. What’s the difference? The size and quality of their problems. Yeah, someone successful has developed in the process higher skills to deal with problems so he finds bigger problems.

Have big goals and big dreams: particularly, I love this too! He explains to us that we have to create really incredible goals and dreams to keep us motivated. Think of this. You create a goal this month to generate $20 out of your work. That would be nice, right? Now imagine that your goal is to create $1.000.000 in the next 5 years. With what option do you feel more encouraged?
Be committed to never-ending improvement and learn: educate yourself. Read, go to seminars, meet new people, travel, create new references in your head, etc. If you’re committed to this task your life will be awesome.
Be uncomfortable: do what the other people feel uncomfortable or they don’t want to do. Get out from your comfort zone. If you do something that anybody else wants, you’ll live the life that everybody wants.

Poor, Middle and Rich Class

He makes a clear and powerful distinction about these three categories that will be determined for patterns of thought and not for an income. This difference is so important to bring it up because he is not judging a revenue, he is judging a way to think.

The poor class has not big goals. They live, survive, struggle financially and spend all the money they have given up in front of short term gratification. They would prefer to don’t work and be dependent on someone else.

The middle class is the most accepted of all. That’s why it is extremely dangerous. They think that Sunday is to rest, that tonight’s game is extremely important, and more.

The middle class is average and by this point, you should know what Grant Cardone thinks about that. They save money to invest it in liabilities that they think are assets (like a house or a car).

Government and media teach us to settle in the basic, refusing abundance and control.

Don’t think average. It brings misery.

Rich class is focused on buying assets instead of liabilities. They understand the money game and they provide value to the marketplace and their environment.



All this book is designed to reinforce this point enough to understand that without action nothing changes.

This means do you best, go all in, be oriented to your goals, refuse distractions, pay the price of success and be uncomfortable.

The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful and it is not alone, there are more laws out there that are governing the mental energy. You can learn more about this here The 7 Laws Of Success.  But if we don’t take massive action in the process of achieving our goals and dreams we’ll be destined to fail.

To build your passions and dreams this factor is fundamental. When you take massive action in whatever you’re doing your brain starts to find resources where before it doesn’t see anything. In this evolution, you start understanding what you like or dislike and you can be more clear to define it. Once you define it, it’s much easier to build your passion.

That’s why I emphasize so much this critical tool to achieve all our dreams and goals.

Big Shift

This book has given me the tool that I was needing a few weeks ago to start my own business and to change the quality of my life. I have to recognize that I was a good thinker but during many years I did nothing with that.

I’m not a thinker anymore. I am a dreamer, a planner, and a massive action taker and I have to say that this book allowed me developing the last part of this formula.

It’s incredible! 

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