How To Achieve My Goals? – The Peak Of Achievement In Life

There are special situations in your life that you can easily remember because they had a positive or negative impact, right? It’s wonderful when you feel that you can connect with a positive state of mind just remembering a specific environment or situation.

“How to achieve my goals?”

It was exactly the question that was surrounding my mind once, twice, three times during the days a few months ago. Many weeks after this fact, I could understand that when our mind is completely focused on the achievement of one thing it will find a way to do it no matter how hard it can be.

The Light In The Obscurity

The big day arrived and I didn’t notice it! I had the opportunity to buy a new book and I was excited about reading it. Although I never thought that a book could have such a powerful impact in my life giving me the freedom to run away from my chains.

This book is “Goals!” by Brian Tracy. That book definitively gave me a new perspective of life and a new powerful tool to develop my own plans to achieve all my dreams. I could see my problems, my mistakes, my bad attitude in front of my life and in front of others, I started developing my self-awareness.

I understood that the first step to any change in life is to recognize that we’re not in the place we want to be. There is nothing wrong with that. Society and our family taught us to react every time we deal with something so it’s extremely normal when someone has not developed a solid knowledge of him/herself.


The Exercise That Changed My Life

By this time I was extremely confused. I was following my family advice and I was living for others purpose. I learned to be extremely reactive so I had a deep sense of helpless where I associated every event in my life like a conspiration or a causality.

I was immersed in the idea that I could not do more than I was doing and feeling that my life one day would be better. Get out of my bed was a big challenge every morning! I think the worst sound I could hear was my alarm o’clock at 5:30 am. On holidays, I remember I could spend one hour or maybe more time just deciding if I wanted to get up or just stay there doing nothing. It was a really hard time for me!

I read that book page by page and when I was on the fifth page I was totally engaged. I loved the way Brian Tracy expresses some ideas with enough clarity and simplicity that even someone in my situation could understand really well and apply immediately.

This book is like a friend, you know? It’s like a wise friend, in fact. It represents the possibilities in life that we often leave out because we’re focused on unimportant things.

We won’t find just information! We’ll find a compendium of knowledge that allows us to have the opportunity to make some exercises learning about ourselves in the process. At first, I had many battles against my ego and fears because I was not willing to recognize that I was weak and lost.

Suddenly, page after page I found the treasure. The exercise is as simple as you can imagine.

He tells us that we should stop limiting ourselves with negative thoughts like “this is impossible”, “I can’t do that”, “nobody has made it so why should I try?”, etc. And, we can imagine a world without limitations.

What would you do if you had all the resources, money, networking and abilities in the world?

Pff! This question blew up my mind!

At the first time in my life, I could stop limiting myself and I could start imagining a beautiful different life.


The World Was Not Made In One Day

In spite of the new insight I had, it took me a huge time to see what I really wanted. It was extremely hard for me to visualize my future clearly. I spent hours trying to do it but the results weren’t inspiring.

I knew that I had found gold but I was having some problems to use it because I felt I was not prepared to take total advantage from it. Nevertheless, I changed my question of “can I do this?’ for “how can I do this?”. Here I found my second diamond.

When asking yourself “how can you do something?”, your mind assumes that you can (because it’s true) and starts looking for solutions instead of staying focused on the problem.

Although I was completely committed to stopping limiting myself and my imagination, it took me approximately 3 months to see with some clarity what I wanted to do. I kept my habit to read and to learn but I understood that imagination is like a muscle and if you don’t exercise it constantly, it loses power and size. At first, I thought I had a kind of problem with my creativity or something like that because I have to recognize that I didn’t know what to imagine.

Big Bang

Everything has a beginning and an end! Imagination and creativity are not exceptions.

By this time I had the feeling that I was wasting my time and my opportunity to create an impact in the world because I was involved in situations that I was not enjoying at all. This feeling generated a high sense of urgency and pressure. The pressure is good when it’s enough to make you move your ass from your couch pursuing a purpose that can help you in the acquisition of your goals. However, I was creating a lot of pressure so my mind and my imagination were completely closed.



Would You Like A Glass Of Wine?

Relax! That’s the first step to allow your imagination creates the foundation for you to find the solutions about how can you do to achieve your goals. Do what you enjoy the most and when you feel that you’re positive, imagine. Visualize your life. Take some paper and write down all those things that you would enjoy in life.

Give it a deadline. Would you like to get a new job? Set up a deadline to that. One month, six months, two years, five years, etc. Once you have the deadline just take those goals you want to accomplish in one year or less, remember that anything can be a goal. If you want to be a good father, that’s a goal. If you want to increase your abilities as a musician, that’s another goal.

Now, you can apply the SMART Goals method that I describe HERE.

The Most Powerful Tool

I believe with all my heart that the highest ability you can develop is to see what you exactly want in front of you. Don’t limit yourself and visualize with a high sense of emotion and reality your goals already there.

In my next posts, I’ll’ be explaining to you in a really good way how you can take a deep advantage of the art of visualization.

The book “Goals” by Brian Tracy has the power to enhance the quality of your life because it is designed for someone who lives what he teaches. More than 30 years of experience represents the power of a mind that understand really well the meaning of “goals”.

I share this book because I’ve already read it and as you could see it had a high positive impact in my life. Sometimes we’re completely lost in life and we need a friend to overcome some hard situations. This book will be that friend!


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