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DANGER! Right now, I’ll share with you a powerful question. Ironically, it is impossible for me to provide the answer as well because it will depend on the person who asks it, however, you can use it anywhere and anytime to get interesting results. How to believe in your dream?

I think we have to realize very well our definition of “dream” to be sure that we share the same meaning.

The beginning of this post is dedicated to those who seriously don’t have very clear their dreams yet. Subsequently, you can’t believe in your dreams if you don’t have at least one. If you already have one, congratulations! You are over many people out there who is still struggling with this fact.

Blow Up Your Mind

A dream will be a parallel reality where you can change or alter whatever you desire through your creative abilities to recreate a new scene and feel it real and intense. When we are children it is much easier for us to live in this state because our brain has no limitations.

The main responsibility for our mind by the age of 5 years old is to provide us with the tools to learn fast and to create many new neural connections to use it for the rest of our life as patterns and models. However, how the brain has not previous references it can’t distinguish what it is true or not in the process of learning. Thus, we can learn many lies spending the rest of our lives believing that they were real.

Can you remember all the dreams you had when you were a kid? I can do it. I remember I wanted to be a doctor or a scientist. The last one had a really good reason. My mom had brought me a new toy that I loved and that toy had a scientific costume so I decided that I want to be a scientist because I liked the costume. That’s a powerful argument to decide your career!

As you can see, we did not need to be logical in the process to create our dreams because those “logical patterns” we have now were established by our environment and references determining what we can or not to do.


Science Here?

After many years of learning from our environment, we create models to follow for the rest of our lives. Subsequently, we will get along with the people who reinforce these patterns even if we notice it or not. After some years following these patterns, we reduce our ability to learn because our brain “think that it has all the answers”.

One example of this can be when we travel to a new different place far along with our hometown and we crash with a different culture. Our belief system has a crack and now it has to be redefined because it found new information that it never thought it would exist.

That’s the reason why after a new or important experience we take the time to think and recalibrate our thoughts. If the event it’s really hard like close contact with death or the loss of a loved person we can change completely those labels and patterns becoming ourselves consistently a new person is just a few days.

Labels, Thoughts, Ideas

A repeated exercise for the following month has to become in a habit first to see with substantial clarity our dreams.

We need to know where we are if we want to arrive at another place. Find what you like, dislike, love, hate, enjoy, and so on. Once you have a foundation, you can start building. Don’t build without foundations, that is not sustainable to long term results.

Realize really well what are your beliefs? What do you believe it’s possible in life or not? If you find something impossible, make one online research and find someone who has done it. Pay attention to your mind and how it creates excuses to justify something that it is not a truth for you.

For example, you want to be a millionaire but you think with money begins all the social diseases in life. If you find someone who is a millionaire and is contributing to the world your brain will think something like “well, he was poor many years ago. That’s why he could learn the lessons of the life about money” or, “maybe he is not real and he is looking for more people to cheat”. Those are examples of excuses.

Everything that is not aligned with your belief system will be suppressed by your mind resulting in a strong roadblock to your growth and development. That’s another reason to analyze what you believe.

Don’t be hard with yourself, your parents or your environment. They did their best trying to teach us something valuable, now it’s time to take responsibility for the quality of our lives.


Now, Believe in Your Dream… Dreaming

Once you know where you are, everything is positively different.

Start with an exercise that I love. Imagine that there are no limitations in this world for you. You have all the money, resources, influential people, ALL YOU NEED. What would you do? What would you enjoy to try or create? Brainstorm any one of those crazy ideas in a piece of paper.

Take your time! Fantasize, you’re the king/queen of that land and you can do whatever you want. Would you like to be an incredible investor like Warren Buffet? A brilliant mind like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Elon Musk? A genius of sales like Grant Cardone? Does a well-known artist like Bethoveen or Da Vinci? Think of that and enjoy the moment.

With that you’ve written now you have the first draft of your new life. Here is when power is born.

With The Power On Your Hands

Now, you know exactly what you want right? It’s time to take massive action and turn those ideas and dreams into realities. Having clarity is the most important step to believe in your dreams.

You start coming with up ideas while you work on it. Did you know that? Inevitably, you generate incredible amount of confidence when you take time to see your dreams and your goals like realities. Conversely, when you stop thinking of that, you lose power. Don’t lose power, my friend!


“We become what we think about most of the time”. Earl Nightingale.


Solutions appear while you work on your goals. If you feel discouraged, work on your dreams. Visualize it, feel it, think of that all the time. Are you tired because you have one month working without a break? Ok, take a total break forgetting everything for a couple of days. After that, come back to work harder than before.

To keep on track, we have to be our own cheerleader. Believe or not, hard times will come. You must be prepared! The question will never be if you can or not, the questions must be: how will I do this?

When you set up your goals and establish your vision (your dreams on paper), you take control of your life. This is not a tool that will give you all that you want but it’s a tool that will give you all that you need. Motivation, passion, love, sacrifice, self-awareness, and power come from here.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”. Walt Disney.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please, let me know what you enjoyed with a comment below. I think this topic is very interesting to discuss. Thank you.


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