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Have you ever felt that something is incomplete in your life? Maybe you feel that there is something else that you should be doing right now but for some reason, you are not doing it yet. You want to do something new but you feel that you don’t know what it is. You want to find a passion.

There is a steady inner voice constantly repeating the same ideas and thoughts into your head: “I don’t like this”, “I should be doing something fun”, “why do I have to be here if I don’t enjoy this job?”.

I’ve been there and it is not such a nice place to be. You are not alone. However, I’ve learned that the first step to overcoming any problem is recognizing it. Having the humility to recognize that something is not going well in your life is a great first step to change.

Maybe your life is not exciting right now. But if you feel that you are falling short of your true potential, you are in the right place. Find your passion is priceless, no matter your situation.

Looking at history, we can easily find tons of examples of people who have passed away without any kind of excitement. They lived the same boring life depriving themselves of the pleasure to discover, build and follow their dreams.

Sometimes Find Your Passion Seems Crazy

I’m not here to criticize or judge how other people have decided to live their lives. Nevertheless, I understood that what every human being wants is happiness, and it is impossible to achieve it without doing what we love. To find a passion, therefore, it is much more a responsibility than an option if we want to increase the quality of our life.

Maybe, you’re now struggling with your financial situation, or your relationships are suffering, or your family time seems like is not enough. You feel inadequacy or incompetence.

The good news is that all these scenarios are just consequences and rarely, causes. What does it mean? That we usually try to solve the symptoms but we completely neglect to treat the causes. Therefore, it’s quite normal that the symptoms are still there.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered that always there is a treatment, always there is a form to solve it.

Don’t worry because today your life can seem like a mess, or like something that is running behind what you believe it could be. That’s a good sign. It represents that there is something better inside of you that wants to be shown. It means that your soul knows that you can find your passion.

Personal Experience Finding My Passion


One of the best memories I have, it is related to a specific question I made to myself several months ago. I remember that I was going to my college and I was reflecting on my future. I didn’t like pretty much my life by the moment so I decided that something had to change.

After hours, days and weeks thinking about it, I had my first breakthrough in life.

I want to clarify my definition of “breakthrough” because sometimes people can misunderstand its meaning. A breakthrough is a new perception that you gain about a particular issue that allows you to see new features that you didn’t see before.

Therefore, I’m not talking about a “Eureka!” moment or that I came up with a new idea that was going to change all my life. I just realized that I had been swimming in a pool of sh*t for a long time and I hadn’t noticed it.

Well, being honest and objective, my situation was not such bad. But I felt it was a mess.

Once you realize that your life is not pretty good, you start feeling that you should be looking for some answers.

But do you want to find some answers? You need to make some questions first. We will find that all the foundations of any change are laid down in this activity.

Second Step

I started the previously described procedure and after a lot of questions, I got my second breakthrough:

“I had no idea about what I wanted in my life”.

This fact had a tremendous impact on myself. By this time, I just had one certainty, I wanted a change. Stay living the life I had by the moment it was not an option for me. Maybe I didn’t know where I wanted to be but I was sure that this was not the right place for me.

Modestly, I understood why some medical experts say that the first thing we should do to overcome any destructive behavior, is always to recognize it.

Luckily, by the time, I was using a powerful tool that was helping me open my mind. That was reading. I’m still astonished about the outcomes that a good piece of a lecture can provide us.

I discovered that when we read, we perceive new ideas and conceptions. Our mind is brightened with the author’s experiences allowing us to use his paradigms instead of our ones.

Thus, we can use these new perceptions to see our reality different, even being the same reality before we took the book for the first time. Inwardly, this power is going to be fundamental to any sustainable change that we want to promote in our lives.

Going back to the story, I gained perspective about more mistakes that I was making and how the quality of my thinking process had a proportional relation with the quality of my life.

Commencement is never easy. I was constantly succumbing with some negative feelings and asking me rough questions that disparaged my ability to make new decisions for my life.

It took me about three weeks to get my third and most important breakthrough.


I was pondering that my situation was not precisely something enjoyable but I didn’t understand the main reason. Suddenly, I thought, “everything would be easier if I would be passionate. Hang on, am I passionate about something? Of course no, “I don’t have a passion”.  

Subsequently, I concluded that if I had any passion, my next step must be to find it.

But, how do we find a passion? I knew there were tons of tools that we can find online that could help us. Books throughout magazines are highlighted options. However, most of the time we need something more than only one good article or even, an entire book.

“How To Find A Passion In Life?”

Being completely sincere, this question changed my life. Everybody knows that finding our passion is something transcendental along our journey to be a success. However, how many people do know how to find it?

It’s pretty weird.

I encourage you to make a short exercise with your family and peers. Ask them only two questions, “do you believe that finding our passion is important?” and “what is your passion in life?”.

You’ll immediately notice how they’ll answer the first question as a master but the second one as a kindergarten child. Why? Because we think we know the importance, but in reality, we don’t realize the magnitude of this aspect.

Likely, I think it has the same utility knowing nothing about your passion than knowing it well without living it. By the end of the day what matters is that we can follow our dreams.

Passion, Real Definition


First of all, we need to gain some clarity with this important concept.

Before you find it, I think it would be good to know the meaning of “passion”

We’ve heard several times that we should follow our passions, right? But, what can it determine what we should be passionate or not? And how is it defined a passion?

I’ve learned that the ability to answer these questions should be taught in schools before geography or history. I strongly believe that the human soul needs to be able to answer clearly and spontaneously these sort of questions.

We need to establish a connection with our inner desires to create a valuable relationship with ourselves. A healthy relationship always can be measured through its level of honesty and good communication. In the contrary, you will feel very destructive and negative feelings about your attitudes and behaviors.

Fortunately, as you know, this place is designed to provide advice and new positive insights. So, my duty, in this case, it’s to be able to provide information to start a process where you can make new and better decisions.

Right now, I’ll share with you my definition of this word improving our channel of communication to enjoy a better-explained message.

Passion will be a combination of some positive feelings and actions like excitement, energy, desire, goals, and fulfillment. When you find yourself passionate about something, you’ll see that you’ll feel all these previous described emotions together.

Whatever it is your passion, you’ll start a series of steps that will furnish you a new perception of life.

Main Features

  1. You’re quite good at that.
  2. You challenge yourself when you work on it.
  3. You gain a feeling of fulfillment.
  4. It is clear that something that it can be pretty normal for you, it’s harder for others.
  5. Everybody says “WOW! You are good at this!” or something like that.
  6. If you had to pay to do it, you would pay it without thinking it twice.
  7. You spend two hours and you feel like you only spent 5 minutes.
  8. You enjoy just doing it.
  9. And more.

A passion shouldn’t fit with all these features at first, maybe it is only related to one of them. Nonetheless, let me furnish you some insight into how these features can work.

If you are good at something, inevitably you’ll challenge yourself because you’ll want to know your limits. It’s a natural human condition. When you challenge yourself, you go out from your comfort zone and inevitably, you grow.

Frequently, your motivation is stringently marked, so you start setting up some goals and developing ideas to achieve them soon. At the same time, your energy levels go up because you enjoy what you’re doing.

As an obvious consequence, your productivity will boost because you get positive feedback between what you’re getting and what you’re doing.

You feel incredible and your self-esteem also grows in your journey. Even making some mistakes but you are still motivated because you’re good at that. You feel unstoppable!

Well, as you can imagine, this is just a basic example. It is not sufficing to represent all the power that finding a passion has but it gives you a slight perception.

There is no specific pattern about how the passions can be felt but if you see all these positives feelings together, you can be sure that you’ve found something good.

This Is Just the Beginning To Find Your Passion

The definition of passion that I provided you a few paragraphs ago, it is laid over my experiences and all the hours, days, weeks, and months I’ve spent learning from those who know more than me.

Furthermore, to find our passion can be associate to having a positive and sudden change in a short time but, it doesn’t happen in that way.

I’ve learned that this is a process that requires a lot of time. I believe that is a process that never ends.

However, there is another concept that shouldn’t be forgotten if we want to learn how to find passion in life.



Passion = Authenticity.

Authenticity will be defined as the act of being honest and real with your desires and congruent with the manner you use to express it. It’s like a representation of integrity with yourself and with the world.

Nobody, except yourself, can determine your desires in life. Maybe you don’t know what you want now, but that is another story. My point is that you are the captain of your ship and you are the only one with the ability to determine its destiny.

Thus, authenticity is one of the most important concepts in your journey to achieve all your passions and dreams.

Why is This Important to Find Your Passion?

Everybody has inborn skills and abilities, no matter the conditions. Sometimes, people have not found what it is but it doesn’t mean that those talents are not there.

Only being authentic with those gifts we have received in life, we can get fulfillment in life. Don’t misunderstand me, please. Maybe you are good at doing something that you don’t like. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it anyway, it means that you have the freedom to choose.

If you feel that your abilities are not aligned with that you want, you can learn new ones. This is fundamental to understand how much authentic we can be with ourselves. Remember that being authentic is following your desires more than your inborn skills.

Find a Passion = Freedom

“We are powerful because we can make decisions. However, only when those decisions are aligned with our values and goals, we can get freedom”. Benjamin Gonzalez.

Authenticity is necessary to achieve higher levels of fulfillment. Nonetheless, we can decide what is important to us and recognizing that fact, make new decisions.

For instance, you think that you are good at singing but you don’t like that enough to become a professional singer. Don’t worry. Move to the next activity. Do you want to be an Olympic athlete? Develop that skill, learn about it, improve, get better, and get fulfillment in the process.

Choose whatever you like, and do your best to be the best.

Finding or Building Passions?

Here you’ll find the most important section of this article. All this post is about how to find passion in life. However, it is important to clarify this idea.

As you have noticed, being authentic and knowing your strengths and weaknesses will be transcendent points to find your passions. But, can be these strengths improved, worked, or changed?

Of course, they can.

What does it mean? That we are free to become in whatever we want to be.  

No matter what are your passions in life, you have the freedom to decide the person that you want to be. Success is not a lucky condition; it is a skill that can be developed as playing the piano or learning a new language.

So, by the end of the day, do we find or build our passions? Both. Partially we find them but partially we build them.

In my personal opinion, I would say that we build our passions 90% of the time and only 10%, we find them. That’s the reason why this website was born.

Hang On A Minute! There Is A Price To Find Your Passion

Now, you know all the benefits of building your passions and you have an idea about how authenticity and aligned decisions will have a direct positive impact on your life. However, you need to pay a price to achieve all these enjoyable blessings. In life, nothing is for free at the end.

The truth is this: you need to make sacrifices. This is not optional. You make them or you don’t, there are no middle points.

I’ve been pondering for a long time why it is necessary to make sacrifices. In my conception, it’s a little cruel to feel pain in the process to achieve a better quality of life. Excruciatingly, I found out that pain builds our character.

No matter if you feel good or bad, you grow when everything looks horrible and you decide to stand up in front of adversity.

Sometimes, we can associate to build our passions as the answer to solve all our problems in life but it doesn’t work in that way.

Shaping our life through our desires and passions is an act of novelty. Nevertheless, we need to sacrifice who we are in the process. That’s why it is painful. Whereby, we need to recognize that we are not good enough, we are not perfect, we make mistakes, and more.

Define Your Happiness

Conversely, having a passion provides us the ability to create the life of our dreams without thinking how much it is going to take. So, there is no reason to be focused on the pain.

I’m not talking about enjoying the pain or something like that, I’m talking about to pay the price for our dreams but being focused on them, not in what we are sacrificing.

I feel that my duty is to aware of you the consequences of following your passions. There are incredible benefits, but there is some pain too.

However, if you heed to the people that are following their passion, all of them have a common point of convergence… happiness. They feel they are responsible for the quality of their lives. They feel in charge of themselves and with a deep sense of control.

Nowadays, for example, many people take advantage of this fact to sell us a generalized concept of success and passion that is not very attained to reality.

They create a big misconception because they provide a “prototype” of lifestyle that we should follow to be happy. Traveling a lot without working a second, being millionaires, passive income, fancy cars and mansions, expensive clothes and food, etc.

Just Do It!

However, there is no total definition of success or passion that we have to follow without thinking about it. Success and passion will be something different depending on the person.

For me, fulfillment can be something like building houses for homeless people in Tanzania. In contrast, you can feel fulfillment after writing a great novel or article in the middle of a rainy evening with a cup of coffee adjacent to you.

You are the only one who can define your success and your passion. Maybe, you find to having a modest cottage in France as your definition of success. That’s nice, go for it! You don’t need to be famous or a billionaire man/woman to achieve that goal. Just do what you love to do!

This website provides a lot of useful tools and advice that can be used at any moment to find your passion. Nevertheless, we understand the complexity of each situation and each one’s desires.

We talk about tools because they are versatile pieces of information that can be applied in many different contexts and activities.

Even if you want to be a writer, a baseball player, a singer, or the next president of the United States; these tools will have a tremendous impact on your achievement process.


I know, we watch all the time on TV and many movies that everything should change immediately but the reality tends to be quite different. It is going to take time, effort, sacrifice, and money to find a passion. The revenue? Live a life of freedom and fulfillment. You choose.

I’ve learned that is equally important to know where we want to go as where we don’t want to do it. It’s impractical to know exactly who you want to be if you don’t know what you want to avoid during your journey.

Try New Things

Why is this important to know? Because we need to realize that we are going to make a lot of mistakes. No matter if you have the biggest and deepest gift of history, you and I will fail many times.

Don’t misunderstand my message, please. I’m not talking about what we are destined to fail for the rest of our lives. I’m just referring that in the process of learning what we want, we will learn what we don’t want. And that knowledge has the same level of importance.

Therefore, to find a passion we also need to find what we are not passionate at all.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or you want to leave a comment below, I encourage you to do it. Thanks for your time.

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