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Nowadays is very common look at the people talking about success, achievement, power, money, and other kinds of things. In my personal opinion, we should talk more about fulfillment.

What is fulfillment? How to get fulfillment in life? Well, fulfillment is the highest feeling with we can connect. There are love, freedom, gratitude, and other feelings that are extremely powerful too. However, fulfillment is much more complex and difficult to find.

You can see tons of people out there getting astonishing levels of success but they say that they’re miserable. How can someone else feels negative emotions if he or she is getting results and goals? Success is not equal to fulfillment.


Raise Your Standards

This is one of the best phrases I’ve ever heard in all my life. The power behind this quote is tremendously broad because it will impact the entire quality of your life.

But what does exactly it mean?

When we arrive at this world we start a cognitive process where our brain learns about its environment and how it can provide us the tools to survive. One of the processes it uses is: “comparison”. Our brain is designed to analyze and compare things to achieve results and information that will shape our destiny in life.

We develop “standards” when our brain understands that a pattern will be repeated if it follows the same roots. For example, we don’t need to get burn 3, 4 or 7 times to understand that fire is dangerous. That’s a standard, something that our brain uses as a source of information.

Now, about what I am talking about when I say “raise your standards”? As you know, we need an identity to live healthily and powerfully. Well, our brain understands this reality and since the first moment, it develops an identity for us. With many years of gathering some information, it will create a bubble around us about what we “can or can’t” do.

Your mind has the intention of protecting you so it is not going to tell you that you can achieve high things if you have no references for a couple of those. This is the main reason why we can see people who live exactly in the same way than their parents. If we don’t have new standards to compare ourselves, our brain will think that it has done an incredible job.

When you raise your standards you’re confronting your mind telling it something like “hey, man! You don’t have made your work really well. I can achieve more things that you can believe”. Your brain in this point will create a series of roadblocks to prevent you to do something that it considers is dangerous. Fears, doubts, anxiety, pain, procrastination, and all the problems we can face when we want to achieve a better quality of life.

Nevertheless, if you confront your brain with more references for new and higher standards, it will doubt! Here is where belief borns. You start thinking “and what would happen if I am able to do this… or this… or maybe this? What would happen if I can achieve the same than others have could? I am not so different from that man, why is he getting those results and I am getting these?

After belief comes faith. You start feeling that is possible to achieve it even if you don’t have “proofs” or facts to believe it. Here is when you take the control, here is when you have the power.

If you’re currently reading these lines is because you have raised your standards and you know there is something better for you in this life. You feel that you can do it and now you’re looking for a method.

Excellent! But my advice is to “raise your standards even more!”. Look at people who are getting insane results in your areas of interests. For instance, are you willing to become a baseball player? Follow to Bryce Harper, Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, Miguel Cabrera, Manny Machado, read about Cy Young, etc.

My point is when you follow people with a high quality of life you understand that are better options for you out there. Get inspired by this! Refuse to feel that you can’t! Always remember this, “if someone else could or can do it, I can do it too and even better”! Use that sentences in your affirmations every wonderful morning.


Refuse A Low Quality Of Life

We have developed a beautiful place for us where we are happy, safe, “with power” and comfortable. The name is “comfort zone”.

Living here we have 0 possibilities to grow. Why? Because our brain is designed to solve problems, overcome situations, get committed; it is not designed to stay quiet waiting for death.

Realize that someone successful is not someone with fewer problems, frequently successful people have even more problems than non-successful people, the difference is the quality of the problems they’re solving.

Once you’ve raised your standards, refuse any behavior or action that is not aligned with it. Run away from your comfort zone. All that you want is out from here.

Don’t be rude with yourself! In the beginning, you’ll take decisions against your new standards 99% of the time and it won’t happen because you are not committed or something like that, it will happen because your brain needs time to integrate these new patterns to act consistently with them. The important fact is consistency. Find the way to act consistently as much as you can increase the reinforcement of these patterns in your mind. In a couple of months, you’ll start seeing the results.

Who Could You Become?

This is something that nobody tells us but success has a price. The price is different between a person an another but the rule is the same, IT’S HIGH!

Analyze how much you will need to pay to achieve all your dreams? Time with your family to develop that business that you want? Time with your friends because you have to study for the next test? Maybe money, because you want to invest in that book that you know, will change your life? Sleepless for a couple of years to have more time to increase your incomes?

Be really clear and in the end decide that you’ll pay the price! Take a complete commitment to this fact. You need to sacrifice who you are to become in who you want to be! Are you ready to pay the price?


Make Your Opportunity Counts

Believe in the journey and in yourself. Believe that you can set new standards and you can accomplish it.

We have two wolfs in our heads. One white an represents the faith in our potential, the other one is the black wolf that represents our fears and our mediocrity. We have the power to decide which one we will feed.

Achieve your Best Version it won’t be easy but it is necessary to achieve fulfillment.

In my personal opinion, life is a gift. But we have the responsibility to make it as better as we can because is the retribution we can give to the universe for this gift. Do your best in every task you make and you’ll feel that even if the results are not expected, you’ll know that you’re making this count.

Challenge Yourself

Do something different. Take risks. Fulfillment never will be found in the comfort zone or with low standards.

Be an example, a role model. Imagine your Best Version and get committed to achieving.

Do you want to know what thought Einstein about this skill? “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

You can’t solve your current problems with what you already know. You need to come up with better ideas and those come from your creativity.

“Knowledge is what it is, imagination is what ti could be!” by Stefan James.


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    1. Thank you so much, Ali! I enjoyed that you could have found something valubale through my content. I’ll create more posts for this topic because I believe there are many people out there nedding some help with this. I hope you can build you passion and get that fulfillment as soon as possible because the results are amazing. All the best.

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