How To Improve My Skills? – The Power Of Achievement

Have you ever heard that the quality of your abilities can determine the quality of your life?

But you can think: how to improve my skills? Is there a proven method out there that I can use in this process of mastery?

Well, there are tons of them and you can take the most aligned with your perception and insight. However, I’ll explain to you the method I apply.

Reasons Are Most Powerful Than Results

If you’re willing that you need or you want to increase your abilities in a particular skill you should realize those reasons that are motivating you to take the decisions to look for a way to improve.

I’m a fan of clarity! When you visualize the person you will want to become it is going to be easier to identify those skills that you want to develop to be closer to that person. This vision will give you an incredible amount of power in the process of learning any skill you want. Here I will guide you on how to create that vision.


Starting a Journey

The first step will be to choose that skill or ability that you want to learn. Now, take some paper and create a list of your top 5 (at least) reasons why you want to develop it. If you have 100 reasons you can write it down as well. As many reasons as you have, higher will be the speed of your brain learning this ability.

For example, your desire is to learn to play the guitar. Well, take your time and imagine that you are doing it excellent right now, enjoy the moment and feel how your fingers hit the strings with passion and power. Listen to the music that your hands are creating and feel it. Look around you and you’ll see people who encourage you because they’re enjoying too. Can you see it?

This takes time but the power that you can create is immeasurable. Learn a skill takes time but if you are encouraged to do it, you’ll be satisfied with the journey.

Imagine you can achieve whatever you want in this life, any skill you can create in your mind or see out there can be developed. Stop thinking things like “it will take a lot of time, I’m not capable to do it, I don’t have a gift, I’m stupid, etc”. Our aim here is to destroy completely those roadblocks that our brain is creating. Once you are free from your chains, you’ll be able to learn anything.

The Way of Knowledge

BE FAST – This is an acronym that we’ll find in some courses and special academic resources related to developing strategies to increase our level of learning and our level of remembering things.

This is a proven method that I apply every day in my life and my life has changed with this. It’s extremely easy, but don’t underestimate its power

Believe. This word can change the world. When you believe that something is possible and attainable your brain will give the resources to achieve it. The previous exercise had just one intention, stop your limiting beliefs.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right”. Henry Ford.

Please, don’t limit yourself anymore. You can learn all the skills you want because your potential is unlimited.

Exercise. The first duty of our body is movement. Get up right now and jump five times. Yeah, move your body and give you the opportunity to connect with higher levels of energy. Why? Because if you want to learn a new skill your brain will need oxygen.

When you move your body, your blood flows faster and when it happens your brain gains oxygen, energy, and power.

Forget. Would you like to know the three most dangerous words in the world? “I know that”. This combination of words can stop any learning process and any attempt to increase our expertise.

Be a child! Children have an unbelievable ability to learn. They can learn languages, how to play an instrument, subjects, topics, everything eight times more than an average person. Why? Because their brains tell them that are empties and they need to learn as much as they can.

When you think that you know something your brain gets closed. After that will be impossible for you to learn something. Learn is a beautiful experience so get inspired when you do it. If you stop your ego and assume that you don’t know something, your abilities to absorb information will achieve incredible levels.

Active. We have been growing up with an obsolete educational system that teaches us in a passive way. Our brain learns when it creates: writing down, participating, asking questions for you or others, drawing, talking about the subject with a friend, coming up with some crazy ideas. Don’t wait just sitting over your couch learn passively. Come on, learning is fun! Be curious!

State of Mind. This is an extremely important aspect that a lot of people omit. All learning is state-dependent. Control your state.

When you feel that you’re happy, positive, energetic, and more your brain is opened to receive any information. When you’re upset, discouraged or tired your brain closes its understanding channels. If you feel discouraged, take a look at your reasons, why did you want to learn this for the first time?

Dance, listen to music, go for a walk, connect with nature. Remember that we are responsible for our emotional states so you’ll be able to create a good one to start learning.

Teach. You learn when you feel the desire to share the knowledge that you’re acquiring.

When you teach something you learn it twice. Teaching is a complex process where your mind has to understand in the deepest way a concept to be able to share it with another human being whilst it makes sense in the process.


Less Is More

I love this phrase!

Nowadays it’s extremely easy to get distracted with a new post, with the ultimate technique, with the last advice, with this or that. Be aware of this fact.

We live in the information age and we are surrounded by tools that can help us to improve any skill we want. However, it’s ineffective to learn five tools if we use nothing. Be attached with one technique (this one or another one) and follow it with faith. Repetition is the mother of mastery so in a couple of months your abilities to learn will exponentially grow up to the sky.

Consume Kills

When you consume the information you’re passive and you know what it means now.

If you’re watching a video about how to cook, find the recipe and go out to buy all the stuff you’ll need. Play the video, learn, apply, pause it and repeat exactly the same that the cooker has made, play again. If you need to watch again the video, do it!

After that, you can call a friend and teach him / her your new skill to cook a delicious meal. Enjoy the process. That’s it!

There are many different skills out there and some will take more time than others but the principle is the same. Apply this powerful method and you’ll feel how your memory and your abilities to learn will raise.

The last personal key.

Concentration and discipline. If something is valuable it will take time. I think this method is extremely powerful and useful but if you don’t have a beginning and an end you won’t be able to take the best of this technique. So, create your reasons and your vision with your skill already developed and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.


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