How To Invest Your Money In Your 20s – Become Rich Fast

Hang on! Are you in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or more? This might not be for you… I’m just kidding! If you’re even older and you are not rich yet, don’t worry! It only means that you have bad habits to manage your money or bad ideas around it (or both).

How To Invest Your Money In Your 20s? Have you thought of that? Fortunately, I’ve learned that developing good habits, a sense a meaning and a clear idea about what it’s money we’ll increase the quality of our lives in a period of ten years or less to levels that we never imagined possibles.

I’ll explain to you four of the best investments you can ever make in your life.

If We Want More Wood, We Need To Sharpen The Saw

After years of study, I understood something really clear: we are the best investment we can ever make!

Society constantly teaches us that we should invest in stocks, real estate, mutual funds, and more but the reality is something completely different.

When we invest in our health, in knowledge, relationships, experiences; we are creating new references for us and we grow in the process. If we grow, we will desire better things and remember what the Bible says: “ask, and you’ll receive!”.


You, you and you. Yeah, you!

Go for a seminar, read a new book, find some new experiences, go out from your comfort zone, travel, invest in healthy food, go out for a relationship, invest in yourself! If you prioritize your mind as your most powerful asset you’ll understand that any piece of abundance and wealth start here.

We have problems all the time but those problems will be different between one and another human being, why? Because we are different and we see different aspects of the same reality. Stop thinking that you’re in that way and you can’t change. Of course, you can!

Every time you take a decision of investing in your own education your brain understands that you really believe that the quality of your life is not good enough finding new answers and new insights.

I can’t emphasize how much important is that you take the time to invest in yourself.

Once you invest, you see completely different a world than before was like a jungle of problems and now is a sea of opportunities. Information will give you the freedom to achieve whatever you want. Take massive action is another important aspect, don’t forget that!

Foundation Of Success

Two critical points:

  • Commit yourself to long term results.
  • Commit yourself to spend less than you earn and invest the difference.

As I’ve been reinforcing during all this blog we are our ultimate resource to achieve success in life, right? But if we are not committed to the idea of becoming millionaires paying the pay in the process, it won’t happen.

Which is the price? Stop spending money on short term gratification. Probably you are going to need to sacrifice for a while buying new clothes, a new car, a new house, going out for a party. The reason? Because when you have your expenses under your income you can save and when you cave you have enough to invest if you find a good opportunity to do it.

During a period of 6 months, you can save the highest amount of money that you can and now you’ll have something to start investing.

Clarity is power

Visualize yourself how you want to be in ten years. Once you finish this task you can start investing in those activities or books that will give you the skills and the abilities to become in that person that you want.

Do you want to be a successful investor? Buy some Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone’s books. Learn from those who know more than you and model what they do. Find a new good role model is another source of investment in yourself.

Seeing the events before it happens will give you an incredible ability as an investor. That’s another reason why you should visualize your goals and your future.

Your Dreams

Now you’ve grown you can take the time and the money to invest in your dreams and in your business. Do you want to be a doctor? Well, find the place to study and invest in that. Do you want to start a business because you have an entrepreneur’s heart? Find some courses related to entrepreneurship and management.

You also can hire people to help you with the development of your business. People are investments too.

Your business will give you the highest amount of money. However, if you don’t have the right foundation like a winner mentality or an abundant mindset you’ll struggle a lot to succeed. That’s the reason why is critical that you invest in yourself at first.

Stop thinking that an investment is only to receive revenue in terms of money, knowledge is revenue as well. If you make a mistake you have to option: attack yourself or learn. Believe me, it’s much more sustainable the second path!

Something Else

Nowadays, stocks and real estate are the most known ways to invest that we have in society. They are different but they can be very profitable with the right level of experience and skills.

Stocks will be more for those people who believe in certain companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Tesla; and they bet for good results in the future.

Real estate is more complex. You are going to need people, a higher amount of investments (your revenue is higher), and more to close some deals.

Never Forget This!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter your age. If you are 20, 34, 47, 59, 64, 127… years old it is not the factor that will determine if you can achieve a higher quality of life.

The crucial factor that will determine the quality of your life is if you’re prepared to invest in yourself and in your own education to achieve in the process a better version of yourself. Yeah, your Best Version!

If you enjoyed the post and you want to give us your opinion please leave a comment below. If you think that there is another powerful way to invest your money let us know as well.


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