Inner Demons – Meet Your Weaknesses First

At the beginning of the time, we can find a lot of references and stories about successful people who have achieved incredible results in spite of the adversity. But I don’t remember a single story where we can find a definition of the inner demons even when they have been there being protagonists behind scenes.

For me, one of the best examples of this has been Leonardo DaVinci. He had an incredible capacity to be proactive and productive. He had never an excuse to learn and apply the knowledge acquired. Nevertheless, I believe that there is another even more important reason why he should be considered as a genius.

His ability to do the things instead of thinking about if he was right or not was precisely that skill. He learned how to beat his inner demons every time he wanted to achieve something and that was the foundation of his success, in my opinion.


This man could relate a complex amount of knowledge in multiple different areas being considered a genius by his time and even nowadays. If we realize that this man had no internet or big libraries to have done what he did, we can understand much better his impact.

However, many times we can forget that a high amount of success is extremely related to a high price that has to be paid by the involved person. And as bigger is the achievement, as higher is the price. Sacrifice and delayed gratification are great examples of the price that the people have to pay during this path.

Another part of the bill will be the constant and intense battle with our inner demons. We need to develop a high sense of meaning and a determined character if we want to win this war, as Leonardo did.

Thus, achieving success in any area of your life is not an easy task. But definitively it is worth.

Who Are These Inner Demons?

They will be a group of fears that will be represented in your daily life with specific patterns and behaviors.

Everybody around the world has the same inner demons because they are integrated into our heads by default. Remember that our brain is not designed to make us happy, it is designed to make us survive.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that we are blessed because we can make decisions. I know it can sound as something extracted by a romantic movie but it’s real. Being completely transparent, I believe there is nothing like the power we have through our making-decisions process. I learned that there is no bigger power in this world than the power who has the man with clear ideas about his future.

What does it mean? Before to keep going I need to be sure that we have the same definition for the phrase “clarity is power” so I’ll provide you a short but powerful overview.

Clarity is Power

When we have clarity, we have the power to understand what are those actions we need to take in the order of achieving our goals in life. Understanding this step by step process we’ll find much easier to accomplish them because we will have a map, a guide.

There is an exercise that represents this point extremely well. This exercise has been taken from an incredible book that I’ve read a few months ago called “Simpleology” by Mark Joyner. You’ll find a review of this book soon.

Take a few minutes to start and finish this exercise designed in three steps.

First Step

  1. Take a glass with water and put it into your room. You can decide the exact place where you want to locate this glass (your desk, a chair, a table, wherever you want).
  2. Take some distance, a couple of meters will be good.
  3. After that, take a bandage and cover your eyes.
  4. Now, turn around into your axis five times. I mean, five laps.
  5. Go and take the glass.
  6. Record and write down how much time you have spent.

Second Step

Now, you are going to repeat the exercise but this time you won’t use the bandage. You’ll have complete clarity. After the same five laps, you have to go for the glass. Record and write down your time here again, please.

The last step? Compare results.


Even if you are a genius and you could easily find the glass with the first method, you can’t deny that it took much more time that just seeing the glass and going for it.

Maybe you can think that this exercise is silly or extremely obvious but I’ve learned that it’s extremely easy for any human being to neglect the ability to keep the things simple. Our nature tells something like “it can’t be so easy, there is something that we are missing here” and we start creating silly reasons why we can’t achieve our goals.

Coming back to the exercise, could you see the difference? The glass of water was the same in both cases. You were the same person with the same abilities at the same time. What was different that could have a huge impact on the achievement time? That’s right. Clarity!

Now, as we have clarity about the meaning of “clarity”, we can keep going.

Say “Hello!” To Your Inner Demons

After that example, it is time to see how these inner demons can affect your clarity and your ability to see the things as they are.

The main factor represented by these people will be the following:

They are designed for your mind to keep you away from changes in your life. Why? Because your mind can easily associate changes with pain. Our brain is focused on two big things: avoid pain and get pleasure. If your brain thinks that something will be painful, it is not going to provide you with the tools to go through that way.

Why I am telling you these? Because nobody can kill these demons. But we can learn how to live and deal with them.

The real problem is not their existence as itself, the problem is that we get used to feeding them and we make them bigger and stronger than they are. After many years of well nutrition, we try to defeat them at the first attempt and if it doesn’t work, we tend to give up.

Can you see what is wrong with this approach?

The first step to avoiding feeding them is to know them. Once you know and you have a name for something, your mind understands that it can be defined and beaten.

Please, let me introduce you to these incredible forces that can help you or not build a better quality of life.

I Want To Know Them

Well, here you are…

  • The Dummy Baby: “well, I can’t do this because I don’t know how to do it”. And if I need to learn I will have to read two hundred books and go to seventy seminars to have the certainty that I will do this good.

No, it doesn’t work. We learn to do by doing. When we want to accomplish any goal the possibilities that we precisely know the steps we need to take to achieve it are 0. Why? Because if we would know the steps that we need to accomplish something, we would have accomplished it a long time ago.

Just do it! And learn in the process!

  • Lazyneitor: “this is going to take so much effort”. “This will be too hard”. “I don’t want to do this”. Have you ever heard these phrases? Well, they come from lazyneitor.

This demon is the father of procrastination and it will make everything to avoid you starting any new task that you know you should start in order of achieving your goals. Inner demons can give you “good reasons” to don’t do the things.

Just do it!


  • The MaxiListener: with this man you can think something like “yeah, I think that creating this product (natural soap) is an incredible idea. I’ll do my best and I’ll create my own company”. You start this wonderful dream and one of your peers say “well, I read the last morning that the market stock is crushing it! There are no possibilities to waste money on that. You should try!”.

And what you do if you listen to this demon? You go and try the market stock. After two months you see that the results are not so good and you want to take again your “natural soap project”. Nonetheless, another good friend appears and say “the best idea I’ve ever heard it has been to sell products online. With Amazon, you can be rich”.

And you go to Amazon…

If you have an idea, follow that idea with all your heart. Don’t listen to anybody else. Probably, your idea is not the next Facebook but it doesn’t mean that it can’t become in something really good. Our structured ideas are structured because we work on it. In the beginning, all the ideas start in the same form: basics.

  • The Happy Jumper: this guy is really good for destroying your ability to stay focused on just one good idea. What is the difference between this man and MaxiListener? That the first one is going to give you reasons that come from you. MaxiListener will listen to reasons out of you (people, friends, family, and more).

Success is not determined by the task we make, it is determined by the passion we implement while we work on it. If you’re passionate about something, do your best in that and you’ll be a successful person. Never give up because you think that is not working or because the situation is hard. Consistency is equal to wealth.

Why smart people have failed and dumb people have won? Because the second group has been consistent.

“Wealth is committing to one idea over time”. Dan Lok.

  • The Super Perfect Boy: this man will provide you with all kind of excuses to don’t do something because “you can do it better”. Example: you want to start a business.

Although, you need your best suit because you want to be recognized as an elegant businessman. And hang on! You need to have the best networking that the marketplace can provide you because you wan to see your business growing properly. It is also necessary to have enough capital to start because you don’t want to fail just at the beginning, right?

Nobody wants to fail. But this demon creates tons of excuses and BS inside of our head to make us feel like we are doing something wrong and we end up paralyzed doing nothing. Remember, always will be much better imperfect action than perfect inaction.

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. Harry Truman.


  • The Futurist Guy: this man has a huge impact on our head. He will provide us with all the negative possibilities we can find in the process of achieving any goal after we achieve it.

It doesn’t make sense, right? But we do it every time!

You can imagine that you want this year to buy a red Ferrari Portofino. You take your time to set this goal and you establish it in your notebook to have time to check it again for the following days. When you wake up you’re trying to gain clarity with your visualizations (here you can read my post about this process) and here is when the Futurist Guy appears.

Look at these possible conversations that will fill your mind if you listen to this guy:

“But if I buy this car where I am going to park it? I will need to buy a new house. It has to be big and in a rich neighborhood. However, the total price I will have to pay for buying this car will be much higher because I’ll need that house. Do you know what? Maybe I should choose a cheaper car”.

Or, “and my friends? Maybe they can feel uncomfortable with my new acquisition and they decide that our friendship should be ended. I don’t want to lose my friends and live alone for the rest of my days. I don’t want to change my friends either and after all, my car is still working well. Why I should try to change it?”.

Dangerous, this guy is dangerous!

  • The Silly Comparator:  one of the best tools we can use to achieve any kind of success is through a comparison process. In spite of that fact, many people out there don’t know a powerful way to use this tool and they use it against themselves.

When we compare other’s results to get inspiration, we are doing it well. But when we compare ourselves focusing on our weaknesses instead of what we can improve we are destined to find pain.

“This man can run for 30 minutes and I just can do it for 15 minutes, I suck!”, Silly Comparator is in da house!

Be careful, and stay focused only on your progress. Everybody has different ways to learn and grow. Avoid the temptation of comparing yourself in negative ways with those with higher skills.

What You Should Do To Win The Battle?

I think that if you have an idea you should JUST DO IT!

Simplicity is the art that never should be sacrificed. We tend to overthink and is when we turn our ability to think into our biggest enemy.

“Simplicity is the art that never should be sacrificed”. Benjamin Gonzalez.

Make things simple. Do you want to go to the gym? Just do it! Get up from the couch, go into your car, switch it on and drive to there. Don’t think if you ate well or if you are enough hydrated, just do it!


If something goes wrong, you will learn. Repair your airplane while you fly. You can take some fixes but you are still on the path. Don’t stop doing it because at that moment you stop learning.

When we learn an ability, there is a plateau in the learning process that we don’t see any improvement, however, we are establishing a better foundation for what we are learning even without seeing apparent results.

If we stop doing it, our brain has nothing to put over those foundations. It will interpret that there is nothing to do with that information eliminating what it has built in the process. Just take massive action!


As you could see, there are many different inner demons that we have to learn how to deal with.

Take massive action is the best option we can use so far. When we stop to think, we are feeding them. When we just do what we have to do avoiding to think, we make them weak.

Determination and character are likes muscles. If you use these every time that you feel that inner demons want to take the control, you will find a way to apply immediately what you know you have to apply. At the same time, your mental muscle will grow and by the next time will be easier to do it again without thinking of that so much.

Remember, JUST DO IT! That’s always the answer.

Please, let me know if you have found this content interesting in the comments below. If you have any personal question about your inner demons I encourage you to share it right here with all our community. Maybe someone else has the same doubt. Thanks for reading!


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