The 7 Laws of Success – Mental Laws That Control The World (EXPLAINED)

We are surrounded by laws all the time but what does it mind?

Laws are rules. As we know, if we break the rules in any game we play the consequences are going to be negative. In life happens something very similar. We are in a game and we receive an instruction’s guide before we start playing but we don’t take the time to read it and respect it.

The 7 Laws of Success are going to be those rules that if we respect and we use it to accomplish our desires will work really well. Nonetheless, if we decide to ignore the power of each one of these laws we’ll gain an enormous amount of pain.

1. The Law of Control

There is a straight line that governs our behaviors and attitudes. The short diagram would be something like:

Thoughts > Feelings > Behaviors

When our thoughts are completely focused on what we can control and what we can do for ourselves, we have power. Your brain can easily create a sense of wellness because it feels that it can control the situation and the consequences (even if it is just an illusion).

So, how do you gain control in your life? Being responsible.

If you want to have this law working for you it is necessary to realize that you are the sailor of your trip. You’re the captain! Every decision that you make today is determining, leading, and defining your future in so many ways.

Stop blaming your job, your house, your life, etc. Stand up over all that sh*t and assume that you’re in charge and you have the power to change your future now!

2. The Law of Cause and Effect

Well-known law. Although, here is a new perception that will empower you.

As you know, this law explains to us how every action has an effect and how every consequence has a cause. Well, in this precise moment you need to get up from your chair, couch, bed… and think this: “with the behavior that I have today, what good results I am already getting?”.

What will you do with those answers? Find the causes! And after that, come up with how can you create more causes.

Maybe you feel that your life is not the best of the best but even if something like that is real you’ll find a couple of good things that you are currently doing well. Take advantage of this and find the causes to create more and get more results..

Example: if you believe that having a terrible day you can keep yourself positive with people and even be kind and polite you should ask yourself,  “why?”.

If you had a “bad day”, why are you feeling positive with people? Why are you willing to help them? If your answer is “because I believe they are not responsible for my bad luck”. Nice, so who is responsible? Who has the power to change your life and apply at the same time the first law (control)?

Could you see the power of this law?

3. The Law of Sowing and Reaping

“Whatever I sow, I will reap”, by Brian Tracy. Never forget this powerful quote!

If you are getting results that you don’t like you need to stop right now of sowing. If you want a different harvest tomorrow, you should change what you sow today.

But what are those seeds that you will sow? Your thoughts. Every time your mind creates a thought or an idea it will have consequences and effects in your life. If you nurture the thoughts that you’ve been feeding for the last 20 years you won’t get any different effect.

Come up with new thoughts. If you think constantly in something like it is going to be really hard to buy a new car, you are sowing conditions that will avoid that you can get that new car. But what would happen if you think more like “if I work on my job and I start that business that I’ve desired during all my life, in a couple of years I’ll be able to invest in a better car”.

Can you see the differences in the thoughts (seeds)?

4. The Law of Beliefs

Whatever you believe with intensity and a deep sense of feeling, becomes your reality.

Your beliefs will be the sunglasses through you see the world. Things are things but our mind manipulates the reality paying attention to those features that reinforce the main idea.

For example, if you believe that you are bad in sports your brain will be completely focused on those details that will reinforce that you are not good at all. If you do something well, your mind will omit it and it will be looking for other reasons. Even when it’s extremely obvious that you made a good move or you had a good behavior your brain will make excuses and will determine that they were random effects that are not aligned with your capabilities. Maybe it was your day or you were lucky, both are reasons out of your skills.

Be careful with your beliefs. If you don’t enjoy what you believe today, change it! Change your identity and your labels.

The power of this law is immesuarable because you can create the quality of your life as good as your imagination can produce. Of course, you need to take massive action on these beliefs to connect new empowering neural associations for your brain and therefore, new perceptions of life.

5. The Law of Attraction

This law determines that we attract into our lives people and situations in harmony with our domain thoughts.

If you have positive thoughts and positive energy because you are focused on solutions all the time, you’ll attract answers, situations, and people that are going to reinforce those thoughts.

This law has the capability to translate each one of your thoughts into reality becoming whatever you can create in your head in something tangible and measurable.

When I started this journey I remember that I was completely skeptical at this. But after a lot of work on myself and many hours reading about changing our dominant thoughts I could understand how it really works.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily find new people or new situations, you meet the same people but they start acting differently than before. What happened? Your thoughts are changing.

“We become what we think about most of the time”, by Earl Nightingale.

6. The Law of Correpondence

This law tells us something really clear and powerful: our outer world will be determined by our inner world as a reflection in a mirror.

Surely we are thinking that there is a difference between what it is inside of our head and what is the world showing us but the truth is that our thoughts and our reality are completely connected, they are one.

The good news is that if you’re completely committed to change your inner world (where you have direct control) you can change your outer world.

Personally, this law changed my perception of life and therefore my skills to overcome obstacles and difficult situations. When you undestand that there are no such things like “stressful situations or bad environments”, you’re able to take the responsibility to change first you to see a change in the world.

Here we can see how the habits will have a deep effect on the quality of our life.


7. The Law of Reversibility

When we feel positive and optimistic we act in concordance with that trigger a series of behaviors and actions linked with our emotions and thoughts. I think there is nothing new about this idea although did you know that in a reverse way it also works?

Yeah! This discovery had an impact in my life because when I started applying I could notice how I didn’t need to wait for “a good moment or a good thing” to be happy, I could create this state.

The bigger power of this law is attained to the possibility to use it as much as we want. If you are sad or upset for something that is not going well you can change your state immediately.

Don’t let your environment determines what you should feel! Decide what you want to feel an create that state.

One of my favorite techniques is smiling. Yeah, if you smile for more than two minutes your brain will understand that you are happy for a reason and it will start a process to find that reason, so even if you think you don’t have one your mind will provide it to you. This is the power of reversibility.


Please, don’t forget this

Remember, these laws will have a deep impact in your life independently than your grade of belief on this. If you want to win in the game of the life your first step must be following the rules because the price is really high if you leave this out.

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