Top Ten Habits Of Successful People – Do They Have A Secret?

I’ve spent the last three months studying carefully the habits that successful people share and I found incredible results.

Have you ever thought about this? What would you think if I tell you that there are a top ten habits of successful people that work for everybody? Yeah, it means you can be as much success as you want.

Let’s Do It!

First of all, I think we should have the same definition for the word “habits” so I’ll say that any habit can be defined as a repeated action that we develop after being exposed to an external stimulus for a certain amount of time. They will be predetermined answers that our brain sets up to increase its efficiency making the decision-making process easier. It takes tons of less work for your brain if it has an inventory of answers to use in any situation.

We are conditioned by our brain to don’t notice our own habits. For us, we make “normal” things every time and “we were born in that way”, right? But the truth is that we are led by our pre-established responses and they determine our deeper behaviors.

Is There a Solution?

Of course, there is a solution. We are talking about the top ten habits. First, we need to break our previous patterns and conditions and create new patterns developing different behaviors and then, different results. It’s interesting because we will have two forms to do this.

Go to the habit: decide the habit you want and use all your willpower and your desire to change your mind to establish it as a new pattern in your head. This method is painful and hard because it needs a lot of consistency and high levels of self-discipline. However, it is the most worldwide and the most common selection for most people.

Go to the pattern: analyze your belief system and determine what are those ideas you constantly use to define situations that are not aligned with your new empowering habit and it can be a roadblock for you. This system takes time but it is more consistent and efficient. To long-term results is tremendously good.


Top Ten Habits

Here is when the fun starts:

1. Wake up early: maybe you can feel that you are a night worker and your system is prepared to stay late getting higher outcomes. In spite of that, we should remember that our body is not designed for this society. We were born in a totally different environment many years ago and we have evolved to survive in that environment.

One of those characteristics that we develop in the evolution process was the ability to be more productive in the morning than during the rest of the day. Our body is designed to wake up and start its metabolism preparation a few minutes before the sun rises. Wake up between 5 am and 6 am is an excellent choice to start your day.

2. Sleep well: it doesn’t mean sleep a lot (over-sleep). I don’t know about a millionaire sleeping 8 or more hours per day. There are many recent studies that sustain that we need to sleep between 6 and 7 hours to finish the regenerating process in our body.

Have in mind these tips as well when you are going to sleep at night: switch off your phone or use the plane mode, avoid eating at least three hours before to go to the bed, sleep in a completely dark place, and set your schedule to get sleep around the same hour every night. Avoid oversleeping because you’ll feel more tired than you can think.

Rich people know where is their money.

3. Money management education: in school, we are taught about math, geography, history, foreign languages, but we are not taught about how to manage our money in life. This point is critical because if we neglect our financial skill, we will suffer during the rest of our lives because we won’t be able to offer a better future to our family.

Successful people understand this fact really well so they hire financial adviser, read about finances in famous books, have control over their expenses and their income, they invest the money (buying a house or a car are not forms of investing money). They find a way to be literate and then they can make better decisions with their money. It’s time to go for a financial seminar.

4. Prioritizing skill well-established: when we can distinguish the most important task from a top ten list and then take massive action just on that, we can say that we know how to prioritize our tasks. We will have the 80/20 Rule that says us that 80% of the results we get will be determined by 20% of the tasks we make. What does it mean? That we have to focus only on one or two tasks and get rid of the others applying our best in the accomplishment of that.

Can you feel the potential of these incredible habits? And we are just on the middle of the list.

5. Meditation: this technique is one of the best habits we can develop in our journey for success. We’ll increase our concentration and our abilities to keep calm in stressful situations. Keeping a positive state of mind is fundamental to any success in life. Sometimes you can feel that you’re overwhelmed or tired and that’s quite normal so you should practice a session of meditation to dimish that kinf of feelings. Increasing your concentration abilities is one of the best gift you can provide to yourself and you can do it with many tools out there.

You can start with guided meditations. At the beginning it is a little hard to have the concentration to take advantage of this technique. I remember that I invested three months with guided meditations before I could do it by myself.

6. Visualization: if you’ve read my other posts you’ll see that I’m passionate about this powerful tool. Successful people have the capability to see and understand what will happen five, ten, twenty or even more years ahead. They have developed an incredible vision to analyze the possibles results of their decisions controlling in some ways the consequences.

Be aware that his habit is a skill. As any other skill, it can be developed and improved if we pratice it regularly. Doing that, you will increase your ability to see your future making better decisions today to achieve that person we want to be.

I believe that visualization is on the top three of the top ten habits.

7. Read a lot: I learned that knowledge is not such important, what is really important is how fast you learn. An average person reads two or three books per year, an average CEO reads four to six books per month. Can you calculate the big difference at the end of the year?

If you want to be successful you need to incorporate this beautiful habit to your schedule. You can start with 15 minutes per day if you don’t enjoy doing it yet. Find a way to read at least 30 minutes per day. Jim Rohn said, “you can miss a meal, but you can’t miss your hour to read”.

8. Eat healthly: are you committed to achieving your Best Version being a successful person in life? Well, you need to stop eating junk food. There is no any possibility to achieve success in life if we don’t take care of our body system.

Our body is our temple and we need to be careful with what we put into it. Find some fruits an vegetables, add vitamins to your meals and practice an intermittent fasting diet or a keto diet, or a paleo diet too. Make research and talk with your doctor what would be the best diet for you and start increasing your levels of energy. When we are energetic, we want to do more. When we do more, we enhance our probabilities to be successful.

There are tons of options about keto diet but I am following just one. Bulletproof.

9. Have clear and specific goals: this is a critical habit. Find a successful person and ask him/her what they want to achieve this month or this year and see what happens. Yeah, they’ll give you an answer clear and specific because they know that clarity is power.

Ask the same question to an average person and they’ll answer mere things like “maybe watch the last Avengers movie” or something like that.


The Golden Key

10. Take massive action: here we will find the most important habit of all. Successful people take massive action in all their goals and tasks during the day doing their best in the process. They don’t complain because they can see clearly that there is something better for them at the end of the road.

If you integrate this beautiful habit to your life in a couple of months you’ll be a different man/woman. People will have problems to recognize you. I can say that it happened to me and I am extremely happy about that.

It’s not easy to add this habit because it takes self-discipline and a clear vision of what you want but the rewards are worth. There is no higher sense of fulfillment than when you create something by yourself and you know that only you could create that particular result. I’m not talking about perfection or ego, I’m talking about that you know that there is something special between your creation and you (your goals are creations too).

What We Should Know About The Top Ten Habits?

Now, you have really clear the top ten of successful people habits and you can integrate all these habits into your new life.

Is it too much? Maybe, but all of them are necessaries. Take your time and try to dominate each one every month. In one year you’ve developed an incredible repertory of habits that will boost your abilities to success of minimum periods of time.

Remember that all the people around the world have the same amount of time. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Beyonce, you and I have the same 24 hours. What’s the difference? What we do with that precious time and what we do in highly determined by our habits.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below. You can share some new habits that you consider are important too.


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