What Are The Benefits Of Reading Books?

Have you taken the time to think of what are the benefits of reading books in your daily life? What is good about forming this new habit into our lifestyle? Definitively, we will find incredible opportunities to improve our daily results if we develop this powerful habit.

Benefits of Reading Books

Luckily, the benefits of reading are extensive and interesting. We shouldn’t forget that we live in the information age and it seems that it is a requirement to be always updated with what is happening in our environment. Sometimes, in fact, we can omit a certain amount of realities that can lead to painful consequences.

But, what are those consequences? We are totally immersed by tons and tons of information every single day coming from everywhere. TV, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, everything out there is competing to keep our attention over it.

It is easy to assume that we are involved in a lifestyle that is pushing us to react in front of every stimulus we receive from outside. However, there is a beautiful practice that is not aligned with the stressful and demanding behavior of our daily tasks. And that practice is reading.

Reading is by itself a complex activity where our brain needs to decode the meaning of a certain amount of symbols located in specific places into a page or a context, right? It sounds like an easy task. Nonetheless, this activity can be considered as a tool to increase our mental capacity in spite of its simplicity.

But what are the benefits of reading books? What are those benefits that we can find through this interesting activity?

If we think of that, reading won’t be more than the act of decoding and understanding through the arrangement of letters ideas and thoughts that come from another human being. When we read, we start a communication process between the author and ourselves. Thus, reading is one of the most important sources of communication that we can find today in a social or non-social environment.


Importance of Reading

But how does it work? Why this activity can be such positive?

Being an avid reader can be one of the best hobbies that you can develop nowadays. In this activity, our brain creates a lot of neural associations enhancing many different functions that can trigger a higher quality of our thinking process overall. The most important characteristic of this is that we will generate new mental highways while we read.

The amount of time that we invest in this activity will have a determined impact as well. It’s pretty obvious that as much as we read, more connections will be created.

Another score for this habit is that we have options to read everywhere. We can read magazines, articles, posts, books, newspapers, etc. However, the art of reading books is one of the most demanding ones. I’ll explain this fact with more detail at the end of this post.

Sometimes (most of the time, in fact), we can underestimate the importance of this activity. But even having a negative association with the act of reading because we have had an awful experience in the past, we should open a side into our schedule to form this new powerful habit.

Luckily, this approach can be changed. You just need to find a book that seriously can make you fell in love into this practice.  You can be really astonished about what a great book can make increasing your sense of wellness.

But, what are the benefits of reading books? It’s time to dive into each one!


Top 10 Benefits

There are many different proven benefits associated with the reading process that we can bring up here.

1. Enhance Your Mental Potential

In the process of reading, our brain starts generating new neural connections and reinforcing some connections a little bit older. This effect will boost our performance in mental tasks because the nerve impulse will have more options to choose at the time that it goes for our head.

Furthermore, do you know what happens if you increase your neural connections? Of course, you are smarter.

Stimulation begins in your mind when you provide new information to your brain. This stimulation will increase your cognitive abilities and potential in the long term run.

Besides, it has been proven that through this habit you can enhance your ability to think. CEOs, world leaders, and the most important people around the world are readers.

“Not all the readers are leaders, but all the leaders are readers“. Harry Truman.

There are tons of different books to read out there. You can find a mystery novel, for example, and it will encourage you to think about how you can solve problems and cases. This procedure will help you to enhance your analytical abilities.

Assuming that mystery novels are not in your preferences, you can read a book related to self-development. You’ll end up completely focused on all the tools that you’ve learned to implement in your life now. You will start thinking of things like: “how can I implement this in my life?”. This simple question can have such a great impact on your evaluation system.

No matter the topic or the book you choose, you’ll find an increment in your mental abilities just by reading them.

2. Memory Improvement

Now, as you read, you’ve been creating more neural connections, right? Well, with more neural connections your brain will be able to increase its speed and the amount of information that can store.

What does it mean? That your brain can find faster and efficiently information resulting in an improvement in your memory abilities.

Frequently, you will compare situations that can be related to something that you read this morning or across the day. To make this comparison, it is necessary that you can remember what you’ve read. Inevitably, your mind gets used to going for information and you increase your abilities to generate memories.

3. Intense Boost In Your Creativity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Albert Einstein.

As you know, many different books have characters, places, stories, and more. This will help you to recreate entire scenes into your head. Even without noticing it, you increase your ability to come up with powerful ideas because you are going to work on the areas of your brain in charge of creating and developing this kind of tasks.

At the same time, you have to remember all these characters and places if you want to understand all the book, right? So, you boost your memory in the same single process.

The most important thing about reading is that you can take advantage of all the benefits at the same time just applying the art of reading by itself. It’s not optional to improve your memory or your creativity skills separately. You’ll do it just by reading.


4. Knowledge is Potential Power

Maybe you’ve heard the quote “knowledge is power” before, but I disagree a little bit with this idea. I’ve learned during my life that when we learn something, we have on our hands the possibility to change many things. That it’s translated into power. However, if we don’t apply that knowledge, is it still being powerful? Of course, it’s not!

The most powerful path we can take to learn is by doing. There won’t be powerful if we learn how to read better but we keep the same old habits of reading poorly, for instance.

But it happens all the time. It’s very common seeing people who learn something but they don’t apply it to their lives. They have the power on their hands although they prefer to deny its usefulness. Therefore, they just have a potential power.

Coming back to the benefits, reading will provide you the opportunity to see a completely different world out there. In fact, this practice will give you new references and ideas about your life.

Ideas move the world. Our external and internal world.

Knowledge has two powerful utilities. The first one, it is that you can increase your repertory of skills being much more valuable to the marketplace as a worker. This will be translated into a higher income and possibilities of better jobs.

The second utility will be the most important, in my opinion. When you learn something, nobody in this world will be able to take it from you. It means we are free in the process of learning because all the knowledge that we can gain it will be with us for the rest of our lives. That’s the reason why I believe that we are the best investment we can ever make.

5. Boost Your Emphatic Abilities

Do you want to easily get along with people? Well, reading is a wonderful tool to achieve it.

Depending on your preferences, you can find novels and books with incredible stories that will give you a new insight into other’s feelings.

Any social skill that you can develop will be tremendously important in your career. In fact, this ability can help you to increase the quality of your relationships overall. Having a balance with your family life, your spouse/husband and your peers will have a high impact on your subconscious mind achieving higher levels of fulfillment.

So, if you are looking for a better relationship, you can start reading today.

“Communication is wealth”. Dan Lok.

6. Your Vocabulary Grows

Normally, we are exposed to new words when we read. Even being avid readers, we will find new words that we can integrate into our lexicon becoming much more educated.

Thus, this can be a great opportunity to increase your chances to impress your boss or your peers. All well-educated person always will be associated with success.

My advice is to take a pen, your notebook and start reading.

Immediately after you find a word that you don’t know, you can write it down and keep going reading. Don’t stop your reading activity just because you didn’t understand one word. You will learn much more when you are completely focused on the task of reading, so you should avoid any kind of distractions that can affect your attention.


 7. Writing skills

Whether you are a writer or not, developing this skill will never be a waste of time. Writing is one of the best-paid jobs in the marketplace because it is an activity that requires knowledge, imagination and well-established grammar foundations.

This is a way to express yourself, as well. Having a journal or a diary is one of the most healthy practices that you can apply in your routine. Writing is a wonderful exercise that allows you to get relax connecting with your Best Version.

Also, we will find another powerful benefit of this activity related to our acquisition of inspiration. All the writers know that reading is an incredible source of gaining new perspectives to start writing.

8. Clarity

This is the biggest reason why I love reading. It’s incredible the positive effect that can have a thing like reading in your daily life. I’m not talking about other benefits like your memory improvement or your vocabulary growth, as we’ve already seen. I’m here talking about something much bigger.

If you’ve read my other posts you should know that I’m a big fan of some techniques like visualizations or setting up goals. The reason is that I’ve learned that the most important skill we can develop is the ability to see with glass clarity who we want to be and what we want to achieve in life.

Reading is one of those activities that I feel helps me to develop a higher amount of clarity. I’ve seen how my darkest days are those when I don’t read. This has become in one of my most important habits. I always prioritize reading a book over almost any other activity.

Now, for example, it is impossible to spend one day without reading for me.

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book”. Jim Rohn.

This is one of my favorite quotes because it represents really well the importance of reading every wonderful day. Benefits of reading should never be neglected.

9. Healthy Habit, Avoid Diseases

Reading will help you to avoid typical mental diseases like Alzheimer or dementia in the future. As a mental exercise, you will find really useful to implement this activity because we can train our brain to get stronger or to keep it strong. I’m sure that you’ve heard that our brain is like a muscle, right? Well, that’s a big truth!

As much as we exercise our brain through this practice, it will become stronger. However, if we don’t take care of this muscle, it will get weaker because it has not been exposed to any kind of pressure to stay strong. So, be careful!

Just for health, you should start reading today.

10. Concentration gets better.

The ability to stay focused on a single task has multiple benefits that we can adapt to our lifestyle.

Definitively, our brain works in a completely different way when we are focused than when we are not. Concentration is like a window that we use to compress our vision getting a higher amount of details of the activity we are doing by the moment.


What does it mean? Staying completely focused on one task will provide us with a detailed perception of what we have in front of us. Gaining clarity, we can learn more deeply the subject or topic about what we are reading.

Concentration is equal to detail. We don’t just get information when we are focused. Our brain easily absorbs all the details because we use our funnel vision. As many details as we have, our understanding increases as well.

Thus, whatever we are focused on we will understand it better and when we understand something, we can use it and take advantage of it. Concentration is always the key to achievement.

Benefits of Reading + Plus

Levels of Stress Go Down

Naturally, your schedule can be overwhelmed most of the time. Working many hours, family, relationships, leisure activities and more can be really demanding during an entire day. Sometimes you can feel that you give your best but you didn’t receive something good enough in spite of all your efforts.

That’s quite normal. When stress is dominating our thoughts we can’t think with clarity and you already know what happens when we are not clear.

Reading can easily help to decrease your levels of stress because it is an activity that you need to be completely focused on. While your mind is using all its power to understand ideas and concepts, your brain is surrounded by hormones that make you feel better.

Furthermore, as human beings, we love learning. We feel pleasure when we learn something because we associate that activity with positive feelings.

Thus, after an hour of reading a good book, you’ll end your day feeling that you enjoyed a lot of things that you didn’t enjoy before. It means that stress is not anymore in your system because dopamine and oxytocin diminish its negative effects.

Rest much better

Do you feel tired or exhausted after you wake up? Maybe you are not sleeping enough hours or the quality of your sleep time is not quite good.

What you should do so? Reading before you go to bed is a really good way to find a better night. As your stress decreases with this activity, your body can be repaired much faster than before providing you a better feeling when you wake up in the morning. This is one of the benefits of reading less known by people in general.



There is something else that I would like to share with you that I consider it is important.

Usually, we consider the habit of reading like a pleasure option to get relax after a hard day of work or we think that we can take it as a leisure activity. Nonetheless, reading is much more than that.

As you could see, the benefits of reading books are a lot but there is no higher benefit than learning how to read properly.

Reading a book is a complex task because we have to follow a series of rules if we seriously want to understand what the author is trying to say to us. Therefore, reading is a habit that should be worked and practiced with dedication and passion.

There are two big categories where we can arrange all the books in the world: for amusement and for knowledge. If your intention is just getting relax, you have a lot of options to read about the amusement area. However, if you’re focused on learning, everything will be a little bit different.

There is a wonderful book called “How to read a book?” by Mortimer Adler. This book explains really well how we should act in front of developing our reading skills to learn from the books.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed this post I encourage you to leave a comment. Do you agree? Or disagree with all these benefits? Please let me know what you think! Another great way to learn is getting involved in discussions and forums about the topic.


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