What Is Success? Definition – You Are The Architect Of Your Life

Be honest! You have an exciting emotion when you watch people on the beach, hanging out, with a big mansion, earning tons of bucks every day and much more than that. Is that your definition of success? Or maybe it is a definition that the society and the media are trying to implant us?

What is Success? Definition. This is the most important aspect to start achieving success in life. When we create a definition of success we will find that we are motivated and encouraged because we are creating our own future.

Maybe you seriously want some of those achievements that we watch all the time on TV and there is nothing wrong with that. Conversely, it is a really good new starting your life if you understand exactly what is what you want to get in life.


A Silent Killer

We can spend hours, days and even weeks looking up a definition of success that is attained with what we think it is, however, that it is not going to happen because we have the power to create our definition from scratch.

This is extremely important to realize. If you have a clear definition of what can create powerful feelings of wellness on you is because you can achieve it. If you are able to definite anything is this life, you can measure it and if you can measure it, it is attainable.

Lack of clarity should be considered the major killer in history. Napoleon and Hitler were babies if you compare the negative impact this has been during the entire centuries. Don’t be her victim! Runaway as much as you can from this fact and create your definition of success.

Don’t expect to receive an answer one day to understand what it is important to you. Just take some paper and a pen and start your definition.


Powerful Compendium

What would happen if I tell you that there is a tool that can completely change your life? Probably it is real because I’ve seen the effect of this powerful piece.

But what would happen if I tell you that there is most than one tool to use? Yeah, it is even more powerful, right?

Well, I have good news for you! I will explain to you the tools that I have been using and I am using now to shape up my life, enhancing my definition of success.

Can you believe to have spent all your life ignoring this?

Visualization: for me, this is the most powerful one. If your mind can create, you can achieve it! It doesn’t matter if today it sounds like sh*t or something insane. Take time to visualize and don’t discourage yourself. If you have all your life without using this powerful tool you can’t expect to have the same skills to imagine than Walt Disney. Start small and use it every day this technique. Remember do it vividly and intensely! You’ll have astonishing results.

Setting goals: the process to establish a goal has a powerful impact on your head and in your body. When you use the SMART method to set it up, you’re unstoppable!

Chasing goals is a skill that you’ll develop at the same time that you practice it so be patient. Between more goals you establish and work on it, the quality of your life will increase.

Affirmations: write down definitions and ideas that you really would enjoy in your life. Repeat to yourself every time those definitions and words that you want in your life. You’ll also need to take massive action to act consistently with that you’re repeating to yourself as much as you can.

For instance, I’ll share with you one of my favorite affirmations that I use every day: “I am destined to success”. At the beginning was extremely weird to repeat to myself this quote but after some weeks I started seeing the great impact that it has in my life.

Values: establish your priorities and principles. What are those words that are moving your life? Do you feel connected with words like love, power, success, achievement, creativity, believe, health, energy, gratitude, commitment, passion, adventure, courage, etc?

When you define what is the feeling that you look for in every experience of your life you’ll understand how to connect those emotions with your goals. Now you’ll have more reasons to achieve your goals.

Identity: I already have a post that explains much better this powerful tool. Please, enjoy it! How To Find Who I Am – The Poweful Technique To Develop An Identity

Ultimate Vision: when you have clear your identity, your values, your goals; you can start creating your future. What are the skills do you want to develop in your life? Speak a foreign language? Maybe learn how to you manage better your time? How to become a millionaire (yeah, this is a skill too and therefore can be developed)? Travel around the world connecting with other cultures and ideas?

Write down like a kid. As a human being, I believe that imagination has no limits. The only limits we have are those that our mind decides to create.

Dream paycheck: stick at your mirror a check that you can see every morning and every night. Look at it with passion! Feel how that amount of money will come to you.

You need a deadline too. Write down your name, the amount, the date, and sign it. This is for you!

And more…

Think about this! These tools have so much power that I will create blogs explaining to you each one step by step providing you incredible equipment for your next battles to achieve success.


Overwhelmed = Death

Be careful with the information you can find out there!

I realized that we are living in the information age and now it is much more important to be able to identify what is useful to learn or not than read or listen to everything we find. I believe we need more an “information diet” than a “body diet”.

Take a break if you feel that your head is not connecting well with something. Listen to your favorite music, go out for a walk, connect with nature, dance, etc. Create a positive state of mind so you’ll be ready to follow your definition of success.

Contundent Successful Life

Success = Clarity. There is only one way that you can take to achieve the highest levels of clarity and it is when you visualize it. At the same time, you’ll need to take massive action and work extremely hard (and smart, of course). You have a dreamer sleeping inside of you, it’s time to require his or her services!

When you work in something with discipline and desire your brain starts to understand it better and better. For example, if you have a test in a couple of weeks and you start studying today at least one hour per day, you’ll notice that you understand much better every topic the next day that you studied it. The reason? Your brain is comfortable with that information because it can recognize it. Now, it can provide you more power to learn the following steps.

Success is in your definition. Success is what you want to get in this life. Nobody can tell you the definition because you have the power to create it. If you work on your goals, your vision, your desires, they’ll gain clarity every day. And if you gain clarity, success will follow you wherever you are!


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