What Is Success In Business? -Tony Robbins Philosophy

We should clarify first how is this man? Tony Robbins is considered the maximum exponent of the self-development industry around the world. He is an incredible man who defines himself as a person who wants to contribute to the world helping people to overcome psychological problems like eating disorders, anxiety, fears, and more.

What is success in business? Well, Tony Robbins has a powerful view about how we should think in terms of business if we want to get success. He explains to us some natural fears that can affect our ability to create wealth in business and in our entire life.

It’s time to look at these incredible tools.

Top 5 Abilities To Make A Business Successful

          1. Create wealth.
          2. Maintain wealth.
          3. Multiply wealth.
          4. Protect wealth.
          5. Enjoy wealth.

Creating The Magic

When we are connected with our thoughts in a positive way everything is possible. Sometimes we think that to start a business we’ll need an insane amount of capital or people so we feel afraid to go all in. It’s normal to feel some fears when we are beginning but we have to understand that having a clear vision we can achieve it. If you want to check some of my other posts where I explain the importance of visualizing our future, you’re welcome!

Now, it’s time to start.

During many years we have been surrounding with the idea that when we create a company is because we want to be rich. Maybe that insight is aligned with the reality but if that is the only pillar for us we’ll inevitably fail.

The first and most important step for me is this: Become valuable to the marketplace.


What? But My Mom Tells Me I Am Valuable Every Morning

Yeah, you’re! We agree. But my point here is not if you are a valuable persona with character, passions, desires to contribute, educated, nice, noble, and more. I’m talking about value for the marketplace. What do you have to offer to be rewarded in the process?

What are the businesses? They’re transactions of value. People buy something they want because it is going to help them in some ways (they appreciate this, here is the value) and we receive some money (value) for our services. That’s it!

When you develop a new skill that is required in the marketplace your value increases and when something like that happens, your bank account can feel. Think of this, please. What is the difference between an attorney and a McDonald’s employee? Yeah, the amount of money they earn per month but go deep… why?

It’s simple. The attorney can provide more value to the marketplace because he has developed a new skill to help people to make things better. McDonald’s employees are just of the infinite examples we can find around the world. What I’m talking about here is your income will be completely attained at the same level you provide value to the market.

Change Gold For Gold

How do you do that? Yeah, becoming more valuable to the marketplace. How do you become more valuable? This is the question that you have to ask you every morning since now.

When you master a skill you’re more valuable. When you learn a new language your value increases. When you learn how to cook Mediterranean food as well. When you go and get a degree is another example.  If we develop skills that can help to make easier the others live we’ll earn a big revenue in the process.

Think of Amazon or Apple, two of the biggest companies around the world. What do they do to be successful? They add value. They create and expand the products and services they have to have a higher impact. They develop strategies for finding more people to help. People trust in them. I trust.

They offer an unique experience that nobody else can provide in the marketplace so their value goes up to the sky. That’s why they succeed. That’s why Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos became multi-millionaires. They added a tremendous amount of value at the marketplace.


Contribution? Hell, yes!

Helping others to do more in less time it’s going to empowering you in the process. When our environment increases in value, our value increases with it.

Think of how you can create more value for your environment. How can I contribute more to home, at the school, in my job, with my family, etc? You’ll receive incredible ideas that you can apply immediately.

If you’re in a company and you’re working hard to develop a new skill, that’s excellent. Although, you can never expect that if you improve your skill 50% your revenue has to increase at the same level. It’s fun because they are many employees waiting for a raise at the end of the year without developing a new skill or without adding more value to the company.

During my experience, I’ve seen companies that broke just because they raise wages without receiving more value from their employees. We have to be focused on increasing our skills at least 10 or 15 times. Doing this you’ll see a big difference in your monthly check.

How can I do more things in less time? How can I help my peers when they’re stuck? How can I increase the quality of my work? How can I develop this *specific skill* becoming more valuable? All of these are powerful questions.

Educating ourselves and increasing the amount and the quality of our repertory of skills is the key to any successful business.

Maintain What You Create

Spend less than you earn, and invest the rest!

This is critical to financial success in any business and in our personal life.

Every month we need to destinate at least 10% of our incomes to pay ourselves first. What does it mean? Take from my monthly revenue a piece to save it and invest it to make that money grow.

If you do that, your success is almost guaranteed.

Multiply Our Profit

Here I’ll briefly explain to you what the compound effect means. This effect needs an entire post because it’s extremely powerful and useful so I’ll create it very soon.

Anyway, when you spend less than you earn and you invest the difference, you’ll earn more profits, right? Well, the compound effect says that if we reinvest immediately that new profit we’ll create a source of wealth. At this moment our money starts working for us, cool?

To accomplish these incredible tasks we need to be disciplined. We have to cut our expenses and even seeing our income increases, have control to reinvest and don’t spend.

In a couple of years or less, we will be able to spend more because our source of wealth is well-established, strong and it provides us enough money to spend a little bit more without seeing negative consequences.

To invest is necessary that you recognize your values and your desires. Linking your goals to this process you’ll easily know what kind of investments you want to do. Take risks but analyze properly! Learn from those successful investors Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Robert Prechter, and so on.

Model the best financial people.


Be A Warrior And Enjoy Your Victories

Protect your wealth is an extremely easy aspect that you can accomplish just avoiding two things:

Bad people.

Illegality business.

Stay away from those and your wealth will thank you.

The next and last step I think is the most important of all.

Enjoy all your sacrifice and your accomplished goals. Remember that the money is never an end, it’s only a means. You don’t achieve all your goals when you achieve your financial goals, your life starts again when you have financial freedom.

Take some vacations with your family. Go and buy something that you really want. Associate the money with good things. If you neglect this fact you’ll associate the money with so much pain and you won’t feel fulfillment at the end of the road.

You also can contribute to the world providing some help to those that are needing it. When you contribute with all your heart starts a very powerful process in your head. Your mind creates neural paths that connect with the idea that you have more than enough keep you out from scarcity and guiding you to abundance. This can change your life.

“True wealth is an emotion, it’s a sense of abundance”. Tony Robbins.

Apply The Power

Obviously, become successful in any business will take time, sacrifice and hard work. However, now you have the opportunity to apply these powerful tools in the process of achieving your financial goals with your company at the same time that you can build your passion.

I share this with you because I completely agree with Tony that having the clarity to act in this way is fundamental. We are going to increase our capabilities to reach our financial freedom really fast.


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